The idea of Know Nothing Nomads came from the idea that we all start from a point of “knowing nothing”, and it take years of experiences and personal growth to truly become an expert in something. In our case, that was hiking, camping, and climbing. But we are always looking to expand our content into other related passions and hobbies! If you are an outdoor enthusiast who wants to share your expertise, experience, or unique perspective on this platform we have created, we would love to hear from you.

 Topics We’re Interested in Publishing

      • Instructional guides/skill building posts
      • Hiking and backpacking trail guides
      • A Local’s Guide to …..
      • North America road trip itineraries
      • US National Park guides
      • Eco-friendly travel and gear
      • International camping locations
      • International trail guides
      • Listicle style outdoor adventure based content
      • Environmental advocacy and conservation
      • Diversity in the outdoors
      • Think you can write our of our existing posts better than we did? Let us know why and we can see what you can do.
        The new post will feature your author bio.

Why Write for Us

Writing for Know Nothing Nomads offers a unique platform to outdoor enthusiasts and experts to share their knowledge with an engaged audience. As a contributor, you‘ll not only advocate for meaningful causes but also establish your authority in the outdoor community. Enjoy substantial exposure to over 30k monthly visitors and 48k Instagram followers, along with a do-follow link to boost your online presence.

Your insights are valuable to us, and we‘re committed to amplifying the voice of like-minded experts, connecting with other creators over mutual passions, and expanding both of our personal brands through sharing our expertise.

Blog Post Guidelines

We are proud to publish high quality information for our readers, and we strive to have a unique perspective on the things we write about. Your article must meet every aspect of these guidelines, so take the time to understand each point.

Step by Step

    1. Plan: Once you pick a title, let us know your selection and provide us with a deadline for when we can expect a finished article. Depending on the article, we may provide you with a series of keywords that should be included in your article.
    2. Submit: When you’re finished writing, send it to us in a Google Docs. Make sure we have an access permission level that allows us to edit the content. We will make changes directly in this document, so if you’d like to keep the original version, make a copy before sending it our way. Include any photos or other pieces of content that will be included in the final version.
    3. Photos: Submit your original photos to us by sharing a Google Photos album. Make sure each photograph’s filename is related to the article.
    4. Edits: Our Editor in Chief has final say in what’s published online, and they may make some changes to your article. If there’s something that stands out as needing more intervention, they may ask you to rewrite that section.
    5. Going Live: Once we have agreed on a final draft, we will let you know when it’s scheduled to be published.
      Promotion: Feel free to share your post through social media, newsletters, or link to it from your blog.


      • All content must be original: we will not accept duplicate or syndicated content. If it’s anywhere else on the web, we won’t publish it on KNN.
      • No stock photos – all your photographs and illustrations must be original.
      • Posts should be around 1,500 words in length, with less words for simple posts and more words for in-depth material. If you can’t hit that target, don’t add fluff to get there.
      • Your guest post will contain 1 link back to your site within the content. Your author bio will link to your selected author page.
      • Write in a natural, conversational, informational tone that uses first-person, real-world experience to illustrate your depth of knowledge. You are an expert in your given topic, write and act like it.
      • Break up your words by using 2-4 sentence paragraphs and by utilizing illustrations such as graphs and tables, list and bullets, photographs, etc.
      • Remember that a great guest post isn’t about you – it’s about the valuable information you have to offer. Guest posts aren’t advertisements, so any information regarding you or your business should be limited to your bio (see below).
      • Your article should include an author bio, which involves an image of yourself, a brief description of who you are, 1-2 sentences about your website and its mission, a link to your about page, and a link to your social media profile of choice.

AI Guidelines

In agreement with current search engine guidelines, we prioritize delivering the highest quality content possible. That being said, we do not accept posts that are obviously 100% AI with no human intervention.

We can write that on our own, but part of having guest bloggers is sharing unique perspectives and individual expertise that we don’t have ourselves.

Use this as an opportunity to show what you can do, illustrate what you know, and share valuable insights with our readers. If we feel like your content doesn’t provide value and a personalized perspective, we may ask you to rewrite it or we will not publish it.

Know Nothing Nomads

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