Wolf and Grizzly Grill and Cook Set Review

By: Ashley Vitiello | Last Updated on May 2, 2024

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After several interesting experiences in campgrounds, we pretty much exclusively camp dispersed now, and our favorite part is a silent night accompanied by a crackling campfire and wonderful food. One of the main reasons we are able to enjoy these times is cooking on our Wolf & Grizzly Grill and Cook Set, which allows us to cook over campfires that don’t use a permanent fire ring and included grate. This is the first summer we had a Wolf and Grizzly grill, and we used it tons while cooking a variety of foods on it. We can honestly say that it’s an incredible piece of camping equipment and we highly recommend it for a large variety of situations and applications.

So here’s an unbiased Wolf and Grizzly review, where we’ll cover each of the pieces of equipment we used, their pros and cons, and our favorite applications. While Wolf and Grizzly did send us this equipment to review, the words are 100% ours and are exactly how we feel.

What is Wolf and Grizzly?

Wolf and Grizzly is a small company with mighty goals that are based on simple principles. They were founded on the idea that tools should be functional and beautiful, no matter where you go or what you do. It’s a company made for people who find adventure around every corner – those seeking to unplug, unwind, and appreciate the small moments. Feel present and connected with gear that is meant to be simple, so you can set it up in seconds, even in the dark. It’s made with rugged materials that are meant to withstand rugged use, and these materials should age beautifully so the patina on your grill is a reminder of every adventure you’ve had. Wolf and Grizzly have done a wonderful job of meeting and surpassing all these qualities, we hope you will understand that better after reading our unbiased review.

“Always there has been adventure just around the corner – and the world is full of corners.”

Where Can You Buy Wolf and Grizzly?

If you’re looking to jump right in or get some more information and price on their products, the best way to purchase a Wolf and Grizzly product is directly through their website.

wolf and grizzly review

Equipment Overview

Wolf and Grizzly currently offers a couple more products than we reviewed, but we wouldn’t change the items we have because they fit our needs perfectly. Living in Colorado, dispersed camping is everywhere and this past summer we were blessed with a monsoon season that prevented long fire bans in our area. We mostly use pre-established campsites with rock campfire rings, and therefore don’t need the Fire Safe base product. If you find that you are consistently in areas without rock fire rings (such as van life or backcountry remote camping), then we could definitely seem applicability for the Fire Safe.

For accessories, they also offer a cast iron Dutch oven, wilderness gloves, and titanium cutlery set. We’ve kept it simple and reviewed their most popular products: the grill set, cook set, and fire starter kit.

The Grill

At the core of the Wolf and Grizzly Product line is the grill, a foldable campfire grill made entirely of 304 Stainless Steel. It weighs only 2.2 pounds and packs down to a small carrying case, which is great for travel like car camping, van life, and more. The cooking surface is perfect for cooking for 2-3 people and measures 11″ x 11.4″. With a weight capacity of 30 pounds, this little grill is ready to take on your cast iron skillet or Dutch oven. Plus, it has three different height adjustments (8 inches, 6 inches, or “stay-flat mode”), so you can move your food closer to or farther away from the flames depending on what you’re cooking.

We found that throughout our use, the frame was easy to set up and take down, and it cooled down super quickly. We were able to cook yummy food every time we used it, and there was little to no learning curve when it came to not burning things. Plus, clean up has been super easy! Just use the included grill cleaning tool to scrape off any larger particles and then wipe down the frame and wires with a soft cloth.

wolf and grizzly grill

Cook Set

wolf and grizzly cook set

If you’re looking to take your campfire cooking to the next level, this cook set is a must have. It has 9 pieces that dramatically upgrade the setup from a classic grill to a multifunctional cook station with endless possibilities. Simply set up the grill frame without the grate, and instead use the included grill attachment in the Cook Set. This will leave the center of the grill set up open, and you inset the equipment within the frame.

The Cook Set includes a hibachi grill, griddle, 2L pot with lid, Pot Gripper, and the grill attachment to make it all possible. Mix and match the cookware by using the hibachi as a steam for seafood when placed on top of the 2L pot or by placing the griddle under the hibachi as a grease-catcher for bacon

The cooking equipment is made of 304 Stainless Steel, just like the grill. We found that these items were super easy to clean and cooled down super quick, just like the grill. The included cutting board is made from bamboo, which is a more earth-friendly material that is durable and bacteria-resistant. It all comes in a storage bag that’s made of recycled nylon and includes a microfiber cloth made from polyester. This whole kit weighs only 3.8 pounds!

Fire Starter Kit

Sometimes it’s the little things in life, and this fire starter kit was one of the pleasant little surprises that we really enjoyed! This kit comes with their Spark Fiber and a rod/striker set for sparks.

The Spark Fiber is made from American White Pine fiber, which is harvested in the USA. It’s coated in wax that is food safe and candle grade. Perhaps one of the coolest features of the Spark Fiber is its water resistance, so you can start a fire even in wet conditions and at all altitudes.

For the striker set, the rod is made from ferrocerium and the striker is made from knife-grade premium steel. There’s a paracord string that holds the two together and it’s made from nylon that houses a string of dried jute tinder within it (for emergency use – how genius!). The rod and striker nestle together perfectly so they take up even less space. The Fire Set lasts approximately 20,000 strikes, which is more than we will ever use in a lifetime. And the spark temperature can get up to 5400 degrees Fahrenheit!

As an added bonus, because both products are accelerant free, they’re non-toxic and safe with travel with and store. We didn’t weigh these two products but they are exceptionally lightweight, especially the Spark Fiber. If there’s anything in this set up that would be a great backpacking addition, it would be this fire starter kit.

wolf and grizzly fire starter kit

Fire Safe

The Fire Safe is another core product in their line up, but we did not review this item specifically. It’s a portable stainless steel fire pit, and it fits perfect with the grill and cook set combo. Just like the other Wolf and Grizzly products, it’s made of 304 Stainless Steel, packs down very compact, and is compatible with wood or charcoal fires. Set up and take down is remarkably easy, and it has a built in wind shield and the segmented design allows for proper airflow overtop and below your fire. It pairs perfectly with the grill – either use it on its own for a beautiful campfire or combine it with the grill for a campfire dinner anywhere you go.

As stated earlier, we mostly camp in areas where we use pre-established rock campfire rings, and therefore don’t feel that the Fire Safe is necessary for our situation. That being said, we could see huge applicability for it if you regularly boondock, camp in snowy or sandy conditions, or live out of a van or vehicle. It allows you to have a campfire pretty much anywhere (fire ban dependent) and cook off it or simply enjoy the ambiance. This setup dramatically reduces impacts to the natural environment by reducing the scorched ground effect of your fire, allowing you to follow the 7 principles of Leave No Trace more effectively.

Other Accessories

Wolf and Grizzly also offer a variety of other accessories such as a Dutch Oven, Wilderness Gloves, and a titanium cutlery set. The Cast-Iron Dutch Oven comes in either 3.5 quarts (8.5 pounds) or 5.5 quarts (10.5 pounds), and is a pre-seasoned version of Kana’s Milo Dutch Oven. The Wilderness Gloves are a set of leather gloves that are designed for the outdoors to protect your hands from blisters, scratches, cuts, and rope burn. Because they’re real leather and water resistant, they will get better with age and will protect your hands whether you’re chopping wood, building a fire, paddling a canoe, or collecting wood. The Titanium Cutlery set is made of 100% titanium to make an ultra lightweight fork and spoon set that weighs only 1.3 oz.

Wolf and Grizzly Qualities

While it’s possible to buy the products separately, we highly recommend combing them to create a well-rounded camp cooking set up. We’ve found that all of the products are well designed and have broken down some of our favorite features.

wolf and grizzly

Super Compact

We were immediately blown away by the compact design of each product we reviewed. You get an idea in your head of all the products you ordered, then a small box shows up on your door step and you can’t help but wonder if they forgot something. But everything was there! The grill disassembles into a small carrying case, as does the Cook Set and Fire Safe. The Cook Set is especially compact for the amount of cookware included because it so elegantly nestles into one small space. This makes everything in their product line easy to travel with, whether that be in a vehicle, van, RV, or backpack.

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

Even though the whole product line is super compact, it’s all very easy to assemble and disassemble. There are no loose screws or small parts, and the design is so straightforward you could probably do it while blindfolded or in the dark of night. The first time we set everything up, we didn’t even need to reference the instructions.

Cools Quickly

Because of the 304 stainless steel composition, all the metal elements of their product line cool surprisingly quickly. We would use the Pot Gripper to move around the pots and pans, then use it again to remove everything from the fire. We would simply set it to the side on some cleared ground (out of the way) and let it cool. We found that it was comfortable to touch within a few minutes, especially on the chillier nights.


Although some may think the Wolf and Grizzly product line are on the expensive side, when you think about the quality of construction, packability, and the general price of nice outdoor gear, it’s really not that expensive. Their products are just so well thought out and made of good materials, it’s hard to argue that it’s not worth the price.

Easy to Clean

We found the grill to be super easy to clean, but we do take a more relaxed viewpoint on cleanliness when it comes to campfires. If you do want it to be super clean every time, that’s very possible if you put in the time. We are more of a wipe it down a little, pack it up, and the rest is seasoning for next time! We believe that outdoor gear is meant to be used and get dirty, but you can also follow the steps below to clean it more thoroughly.

The Grill comes with a cleaning tool that allows you to easily scrape off large particles before storing. You can also using the included cloth to wipe off the frame of any coals or dirt. Once home, you can soak the grill and components in warm, soapy water then clean gently with a steel wool brush. The top of the grill is also dishwasher safe!

Since the grill, Fire Safe, and cookware go through literal fire, they’re bound to discolor and get dirty over time. While this doesn’t affect the performance, it can be cleaned in a way that restores the stainless steel finish. Just apply Bar Keepers Friend to the surface using a wet cloth, let sit for the instructed amount of time, then wipe away using a separate clean, damp cloth.

wolf and grizzly review

Do you need a Wolf and Grizzly?

While we highly recommend the Wolf and Grizzly grill products, the decision to buy really comes down to your needs and desires, as well as your appetite for adventure. We love getting out into nature, and one of our favorite ways to do that is to find a quiet and secluded area, build a fire, and enjoy the crackling of a campfire while eating dinner and s’mores until bed. If you enjoy doing this, or wish you did it more often, then this may be your sign. We consistently use our Wolf and Grizzly products, and now don’t know how we ever lived without them.

Final Thoughts Of Our Wolf and Grizzly Review

Whether you’re using the Fire Safe for a environmentally friendly campfire, the grill for some kebabs, or the Cook Set for creating a 5-star campfire meal (or all of the above), the products from Wolf and Grizzly are superior to any other campfire set ups we have encountered and are well worth the cost. The quality of each design is stellar, and the thoughtfulness really shows. They’re all super compact, easy to use and assemble, easy clean, and environmentally friendly. If you have a taste for adventure and campfires, you’ve found the perfect line of gear to take your experience to the next level.

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