34+ Winter Camping Activities for Every Level of Adventurer

Updated Sep 3, 2023

Winter camping is not just about surviving the elements; it’s about thriving in them. While the cold season brings its own set of challenges, it also opens up a whole new playground of outdoor activities that are either unique to this time of year or offer a different spin on familiar pastimes. From building snow shelters and ice fishing to stargazing in the crisp winter air, the list of winter camping activities is extensive and rewarding.

Based on a range of winter escapades in varying terrains and conditions, this guide for winter camping activities aims to inspire you to make the most of your winter outdoor adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned camper looking to diversify your cold-weather activities or a novice eager to try something new, there’s a winter activity out there that’ll make bundling up and braving the cold more than worth it.

Beginner-Friendly Winter Camping Activities

Each of these activities offers its own set of joys and challenges, but they all serve to enhance the winter camping experience, making it more engaging and fulfilling.

  1. Building a Snow Shelter: A fun and educational experience, constructing a snow shelter like a quinzhee or snow cave can be a group activity that also teaches valuable survival skills.
  2. Snowshoeing: It’s essentially hiking in the snow, and it’s an excellent way to explore winter landscapes. Snowshoes distribute your weight over a large area, allowing you to “float” on the snow rather than sinking into it.
  3. Cross Country Skiing: This is a more athletic option but still beginner-friendly. Many winter campgrounds offer groomed trails, and the equipment is generally easier to manage than downhill skiing gear.
  4. Ice Fishing: A more leisurely activity that still gets you outside and engaged with the environment. Just drill a hole in a frozen lake, set up a portable fishing shelter if you have one, and enjoy the serenity of winter fishing.
  5. Sledding or Tobogganing: Bring a sled or toboggan for some downhill fun. Many winter camping spots have hills that are perfect for sledding, making it a great activity for both kids and adults.
  6. Stargazing: Winter skies are often crisp and clear, offering a stunning celestial show. With less foliage on the trees and often less light pollution in winter camping spots, you can indulge in some pretty spectacular stargazing.
  7. Campfire Cooking: Though not specific to winter, cooking over an open fire takes on a new dimension in the cold, as it also serves as a valuable heat source.
  8. Photography: The winter landscape offers unique photographic opportunities, with the snow serving as a natural reflector of light. Capture the serene beauty of a snowy landscape, or the intricate design of individual snowflakes.
  9. Snowball Fight or Snowman Building: These might sound childish, but they are fun activities that can be enjoyed by campers of all ages. Plus, they’re a great way to stay active and warm!
  10. Bird Watching: Many species of birds don’t migrate and can be observed during the winter months. Bring a field guide and binoculars, and see how many species you can spot.
  11. Ice Skating: Whether on a frozen pond or a nearby rink, ice skating is a quintessential winter activity that appeals to people of all skill levels. Many winter destinations offer natural or groomed ice surfaces perfect for skating. Always remember to test the ice for safety before venturing out on natural ice, and if you’re a beginner, some destinations even offer rentals and basic skating lessons.
  12. Hot Springs: Soaking in a natural hot spring is one of winter’s finest luxuries. The contrast between the chilly air and the warm, mineral-rich water is nothing short of invigorating.
  13. Track Footprints: Winter snow provides an excellent canvas for animal footprints. With a good field guide in hand, you can identify various animal tracks, a fun and educational activity that kids and adults alike will enjoy. This can be done on a casual hike, snowshoe expedition, or even around your campsite. It’s like nature’s version of a treasure hunt, offering a glimpse into the hidden world of the local fauna.

Winter Camping Activities for the Adventurous Camper

For those with a more adventurous spirit, winter camping opens up a whole realm of exhilarating activities that offer both thrills and a deeper connection with the winter wilderness. Here’s a list to get the adrenaline pumping:

  1. Backcountry Skiing/Snowboarding: Unlike resort skiing, backcountry skiing allows you to carve your own path down untouched snow, often in remote areas. Remember, this requires advanced skills and specialized equipment, including avalanche safety gear.
  2. Dog Sledding: Experience the joy and rush of navigating through snowy landscapes while being pulled by a team of enthusiastic sled dogs. This activity offers a unique way to cover ground and can be found in various winter destinations.
  3. Ice Climbing: For those with some rock climbing experience, ice climbing can be the next thrilling endeavor. You’ll be scaling frozen waterfalls or icy rock faces using specialized equipment like ice axes and crampons.
  4. Winter Mountaineering: This is an even more challenging winter activity that combines hiking, rock climbing, and sometimes even ice climbing to reach a mountain summit. This is best attempted with proper training and gear.
  5. Snow Kiting: Similar to kite skiing but done with a snowboard, snow kiting offers the same sort of wind-powered rush but with the feel of a snowboard under your feet.
  6. Snowmobiling: Cover large distances in a short amount of time, explore remote areas, or just enjoy the thrill of speeding over snowy terrain.
  7. Extreme Tobogganing: Think sledging, but faster and on more challenging terrain. Some hills and mountains offer toboggan runs that are miles long and incredibly steep.
  8. Paragliding: For a bird’s-eye view of the winter landscape, nothing beats soaring through the sky with a paraglider. Some locations offer winter paragliding experiences that let you take in the snowy vistas from above.
  9. Fat Biking: Riding bikes with oversized tires on snowy trails is becoming more popular. It’s a great workout and a unique way to experience winter landscapes.

Each of these activities requires specialized equipment, knowledge, and often a higher level of physical fitness. Safety is paramount, so it’s essential to either have the appropriate training or go with a guide who does. For the adventurous camper, winter offers a playground of opportunities to both challenge yourself and connect deeply with the beauty of the season.

Indoor Winter Camping Activities

If you have the luxury of retreating indoors, be it in an RV or a nearby town, your list of winter activities can expand to include some that offer a break from the cold while still embracing the spirit of winter camping. Here are some ideas:

  1. Visit a Local Museum or Visitor Center: Many outdoor destinations have nearby museums or visitor centers that can provide valuable information about the local flora, fauna, and history.
  2. Board Games and Puzzles: These are classic indoor activities but take on a special charm when done in the cozy environment of an RV or a small-town café.
  3. Hot Cocoa and Movie Night: If you’re in an RV, why not have a movie night with a winter-themed movie and some hot cocoa? It’s a great way to unwind after a day in the snow.
  4. Local Winter Festivals: Check out if there are any winter festivals or events happening nearby. These could range from ice sculpture displays to winter food tastings. We love Breckenridge’s Ullr Fest, which is in December and celebrates the Norse god of snow.
  5. Crafting: This could include making winter or holiday-themed crafts, or perhaps tying flies for fishing, a task that can be both intricate and rewarding.
  6. Reading: Bring along a good winter or outdoor-themed book to enjoy during down times. It can be especially cozy to read about snowy adventures while you’re living one.
  7. Plan the Next Day’s Activities: Use this indoor time to thoroughly plan your next day’s outdoor activities. Whether it’s picking a snowshoeing trail or choosing a spot for ice fishing, planning can be an activity in itself.
  8. Local Indoor Sports: Some towns may have indoor ice skating rinks, swimming pools, or even rock-climbing facilities that can offer a different kind of physical activity.
  9. Spa Day: If you’re near a town with a spa, consider treating yourself to a hot stone massage or a sauna visit to warm up and relax your muscles after strenuous outdoor activities.
  10. Music and Podcasts: Listen to some music or catch up on podcasts that you’ve been meaning to listen to. If you play an instrument that’s portable, like a guitar or harmonica, this could be a good time to play some tunes.

Being able to retreat indoors doesn’t mean the adventure has to stop; it just adds another layer of options to your winter camping experience. And let’s face it, part of the joy of braving the cold is the warm, cozy moments that come afterward.

Tips for Staying Warm and Comfortable During Winter Camping

Staying warm and comfortable is the linchpin that holds all your winter camping activities together. Whether you’re venturing out for a soak in a hot spring or tracking animal footprints, being adequately prepared can make or break your outdoor experience. Cold weather doesn’t have to be a deterrent; in fact, when dressed appropriately, you can comfortably enjoy all the outdoor activities on your list.

Layering is your best friend when it comes to staying warm. Start with moisture-wicking base layers to keep sweat away from your skin, add insulating middle layers like fleece or down, and top it off with a waterproof, windproof outer layer. This approach is applicable whether you’re backcountry skiing or leisurely soaking in a hot spring. The idea is to be able to easily add or remove layers to regulate your body temperature, especially during physically demanding activities like ice climbing or snowboarding. Investing in good quality gloves, boots, and thermal socks is also crucial. These extremities are often the first to feel the cold, and once they’re uncomfortable, the rest of you will be too.

Footwear is another crucial element in your winter camping outfit, especially if you’re planning to track animal footprints or hike to remote hot springs. Choose boots that are not just insulated but also provide good ankle support and have a solid grip. Also, keep in mind that activities like ice skating and snowboarding will require their own specific types of footwear for safety and performance. Therefore, always plan your gear according to your activity list to ensure you’re adequately prepared and comfortable, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joys of winter camping.

Benefits of Winter Camping

Camping in winter offers various advantages that make it a worthwhile experience.

  1. Firstly, it allows individuals to escape the crowded and busy camping sites during peak seasons.
  2. Secondly, winter camping provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the tranquil beauty of nature, with snow-covered landscapes creating a picturesque setting.
  3. Moreover, this activity promotes physical fitness as the cold weather encourages more rigorous outdoor activities, such as skiing and snowshoeing.
  4. Lastly, winter camping provides an opportunity for personal growth and resilience, as individuals learn to adapt to and overcome challenges posed by the cold weather, enhancing their problem-solving skills and self-reliance.

Additionally, winter camping enables campers to experience a sense of solitude and peacefulness, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This can be rejuvenating for the mind and soul, allowing individuals to unwind and connect with their inner selves. Furthermore, it offers a chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat, as many animals are more active during the winter months. This allows for unique wildlife sightings and provides an opportunity for nature enthusiasts to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

Essential Gear for Winter Camping

When embarking on a winter camping adventure, it is crucial to have the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The following are three essential items to consider:

  1. Insulated tent and sleeping bags: Investing in a high-quality insulated tent and sleeping bags is vital for staying warm during cold winter nights. Look for products with a low temperature rating to ensure adequate insulation.
  2. Layered clothing and thermal accessories: Dressing in layers is key to regulating body temperature in fluctuating weather conditions. Thermal base layers, fleece jackets, waterproof outer shells, and insulated gloves, hats, and socks are all essential gear for winter camping.
  3. Winter-specific cooking equipment: Camp cooking during winter requires specialized gear. Opt for a sturdy stove that can handle cold temperatures and consider using insulated cookware to keep food warm for longer periods.

Furthermore, it is important to take into account other essential gear such as snowshoes or crampons for traversing icy terrain, a reliable navigation device, and a well-stocked first aid kit.


Winter camping opens up a realm of activities that can make the cold season one of the most exciting times to be outdoors. From the serenity of soaking in a hot spring to the thrill of carving down a snowy slope, each activity offers its unique blend of challenge and reward.

However, the key to unlocking all these fun experiences is to be well-prepared, starting with how to keep warm and comfortable. Being adequately dressed and equipped not only ensures your safety but also elevates your overall camping experience, allowing you to engage more deeply with the winter wonderland around you.

So, don’t let the cold keep you indoors; instead, embrace the crisp air, the snow-covered landscapes, and the plethora of activities that only winter can offer. Your adventure is out there; all you need to do is bundle up and step out.


What are some popular winter camping activities?

There are so many fun winter activities you can do while camping! From casual activities like snowball fights and snowshoeing to more intense excursions like snowboarding/skiing and dog sledding, there’s something for everyone to do while you’re out camping in the winter months.

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