What is an E Port on a Tent?

By: Ashley Vitiello | Last Updated on December 22, 2023

Is there a way to seamlessly blend the charm of roughing it outdoors with the luxury of modern amenities while camping? Absolutely! The magic lies in a tiny yet exciting feature of modern tents: the E Port. This game-changer allows you to enjoy the rustic allure of camping without letting go of your beloved gadgets.

Imagine having access to electricity inside your tent so you can charge your devices, power electronics, or even run a fan or a heater. This brings some modern creature comforts to the rustic camping experience, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Let’s dive into our comprehensive guide that works through everything you need to know about the E Port, including its advantages, how to electrify your campsite, and the best tents equipped with this feature. It’s time to amp up your camping game!

What is an E Port on a Tent?

An E Port, short for a tent electrical access port, is a feature on a tent that allows access to electricity from an external source. It is a small, reinforced opening in the tent’s fabric through which you can extend an electrical cord into the tent without leaving unzipped openings or puncturing the tent body. This ingenious design helps you power up your devices and keeps your tent properly sealed so it remains watertight and bug-free.

This design shouldn’t be confused with electric tents, which have some form of built in wiring for running things like lights or fans.

Benefits of Having an E-Port on Your Tent

There are several reasons why having an E-Port on your tent can make your camping experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits.

Easy Access to Electricity

An E Port makes it simple to run an extension cord from an external power source into your tent. Your power source could be a campsite’s electrical hookup, portable generator, portable power bank, or even leisure batteries. This allows you to power up essential devices such as heaters and portable air conditioners and even charge your smartphone, making your camping experience more comfortable.

Keeps Your Tent Dry and Bug-Free

Without an E-Port, you would have to open a zippered door or create a hole in the fabric to let in the power cord, leading to water leaks and allowing bugs to enter. The E Port is designed to accommodate the cord snugly, ensuring your tent remains watertight and free from unwanted insects.

Safety and Efficiency

Running an electrical cord through an E-Port is much safer than leaving your tent partially open or making holes in the fabric. The opening is specifically designed to accommodate the line without causing any damage. It also prevents rainwater from entering your tent, creating a potential hazard with electrical appliances.


E Ports are not just for connecting power cords. They can also be used for other purposes, such as running cables for speakers, and solar panels or even connecting an external antenna for better mobile reception.

How to Set Up Electricity in a Campsite

Now that you know the benefits of having an E-Port on your tent, it’s essential to understand how to set up electricity at your campsite. Here are some popular options to help you power your devices while camping.

Electric Hookups

Many campsites offer electrical hookups, which provide a 230V power supply to your tent. To use an electric hookup, you’ll need a special cable or converter, often called an EHU (Electric Hook Up) cable, which is designed for outdoor use. Simply plug one end of the cable into the campsite’s power supply and the other end into your tent’s E-Port.

Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank is one large battery that acts like a massive set of rechargeable batteries. Charge it before you go and it will supply hours of electricity for simple camp electronics and rechargeable devices.

Portable Generators

A portable generator is another option for powering your devices while camping. These camping specific generators come in various sizes and capacities, so make sure to choose one that’s suitable for your needs. Always follow safety guidelines when using a generator, like keeping it at a safe distance from your tent and ensuring proper ventilation.

Solar Panels

If you prefer a more eco-friendly option, consider using solar panels to power your devices. Portable solar panels are available in various sizes and capacities, and they can be easily attached to your tent or set up nearby to harness the sun’s energy. Connect the solar panel to your tent’s E-Port using an appropriate cable or adapter.

Top Tents with E Ports: A Quick Overview

If you’re looking for a new tent with an E-Port, you have plenty of options to choose from, although not all tents have this feature. Here’s a quick list of popular E Port tents:

  • Eureka! Copper Canyon LX
  • Coleman Skydome XL
  • Caddis Rapid Tent
  • Core 9 Instant Cabin Tent

Not only do these tents have electrical ports, but they also have other cool features like standing height throughout, quality materials, and a fair price. These design elements make them a desirable tent with the added bonus of being able to wire electricity into your tent.

Eureka Copper Canyon Tent

The Eureka Copper Canyon Tent is a spacious and roomy tent with a tall center height, making it perfect for tall campers or anyone who wants the ability to stand upright. It comes with an E Port for easy access to electricity, as well as gear lofts and storage pockets for organization. Plus, the tent’s durable construction and fiberglass frame ensure stability and longevity.

Shop the Eureka! Copper Canyon tent in 4-person, 6-person, 8-person, and 12-person.

Coleman Dome Tents

The Coleman Dome tents are extremely popular among campers thanks to their affordable price and versatile design. These tents come in various sizes, accommodating 2-6 people, and feature an E-Port for easy access to electricity. The tents also offer a WeatherTec system that helps keep you dry during rainy conditions, reinforced seams, and sturdy fiberglass poles.

Shop the Coleman Skydome XL with E Port in 8-person, 10-person, and 12-person capacities.

The Coleman Weather Master with Screen room also has an eport.

what is an e port on a tent
Caddis Rapid E Port

Caddis Rapid Instant Tent

The Caddis Rapid comes in 4-person and 6-person capacities. Not only does it feature an electrical port so you can bring an extension cord inside, but it’s super easy to setup and is considered an instant tent. Plus, it has a tall peak height, quality materials, and multiple windows for ventilation.

Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent has a spacious interior that can accommodate up to 9 people, making it ideal for large groups or families. It features an E-Port for accessing electricity, a room divider for added privacy, and large windows for ventilation. The tent also boasts a quick setup time of just 60 seconds, thanks to its pre-attached poles.

Final Thoughts

An E-Port on a camping tent is an incredibly useful feature that can make your tent camping experience more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. It allows you to access electricity, power your devices, stay connected, or even run an air conditioner without compromising safety or comfort.

Make sure to consider a tent with an E-Port when planning your next camping adventure, and enjoy the benefits of modern camping with all the comforts of home. The E Port helps you to stay cool during hot summer days, warm on cooler days, and keep your personal devices powered up.


What does an e port do on a tent?

An e-port is a slot built into the side of a camping tent that allows the user to thread an extension cord or power source. This means you can have electricity inside your tent to charge your devices and run electronics like a fan or heater. Because this is a designated space for the cord, you’re less likely to let in bugs or rain water by threading the cord through an open door or window.

What is a Coleman E Port?

Some Coleman tents have an e-port, which is short for an electrical access port. This lets you thread an extension cord or power source through a slot on the side of the tent so you can have electric access inside your tent. This is not exclusive to Coleman tents and can be found in other makes and models.

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