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Services: Know Nothing Nomads provides the following services, including but not limited to:

  1. Hiking guides and trail recommendations.
  2. Personalized expert gear recommendations.
  3. Educational content on hiking, camping, and climbing.

Confidentiality: All fees, services, documents, recommendations, and reports provided by Know Nothing Nomads are confidential.

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Content Changes: Know Nothing Nomads reserves the right to modify, remove, or add content at any time without notice.

No Guarantee: While we strive to provide quality recommendations and information, Know Nothing Nomads does not guarantee specific outcomes from the use of our recommendations or services.

User-Generated Content: Users may be allowed to post reviews, comments, or other content. Such content should be non-offensive and not violate any laws or third-party rights. Know Nothing Nomads reserves the right to remove any user-generated content deemed inappropriate.

Non-disclosure: Know Nothing Nomads treats every user’s personal information with utmost confidentiality. While we do not individually sign an NDA with each user, we guarantee not to disclose any confidential information to any third party, excluding instances where it’s required by law or essential for the provision of our services. Read our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy

Restrictions: Know Nothing Nomads reserves the right to deny services or access to the website for any user engaging in illegal or offensive activities. Content that is hateful, objectionable, defamatory, or in violation of any laws will not be tolerated.

Changes to Terms and Conditions: We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions without notice. It is the responsibility of the users to review this page regularly.

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