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What was

Over the years, established itself as a trusted platform for female hikers. This woman-owned blog provided essential resources for women who have a passion for hiking by offering comprehensive trail reviews, hosting group hikes, and providing insights into various hiking gear.

Unfortunately, the original website stopped operations, but now has found a new home within

Who Are the Know Nothing Nomads?

We are Derek and Ashley, adventurers who are passionate about the great outdoors with an affinity for cozy campfires, lengthy hikes in the mountains, and fun-filled days spent adventuring in nature.

Since the inception of Know Nothing Nomads, we have been committed to encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors, aiming to instill in them the same passion and joy we derive from nature. Whether it’s camping, hiking, or just appreciating nature, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality content and sharing our experiences with the goal of educating and inspiring our readers.

If you’re interested in getting to know more about Derek and Ashley, you can learn more or get in touch with us on our About page.

Will Anything Change?

To our devoted long-time readers, rest assured that nothing will change. We will continue sharing our outdoor knowledge and adventures with you.

For those of you who were familiar with, please note that while we are not directly associated with the original team, we are fully committed to continuing their mission. We aim to build upon the success of, by sharing insights into trails, group hikes, and first-hand experiences with hiking gear, all from a woman’s perspective.

What’s Next?

The content previously on beautifully complements our existing articles, and we are eager to share our experiences in hiking with our readers, both old and new.

Beyond hiking, we have a myriad of outdoor interests, primarily camping, which naturally aligns with hiking. We will be discussing these outdoor hobbies extensively, as well as gear and apparel recommendations for each activity.

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