Climate-Neutral Certified Outdoor Gear Brands We LOVE

By: Derek Vitiello | Last Updated on May 3, 2024

This is the most comprehensive list of Climate Neutral  Certified outdoor gear brands on the internet!

I’ve spent HOURS scouring the web for these brands. And now it’s easy to find REAL eco-friendly brands you can support.

As you shop and buy gear from the brands below, know that you’re not just gearing up to explore the great outdoors.

You’re joining a community that’s dedicated to giving back to the earth that inspires our wanderlust.

So let’s take the first step on a journey where sustainability and performance co-exist.

The brands below are separated into the following categories:

  • Big Outdoor Gear Brands
  • Clothing Brands
  • Shoe Brands
  • Camping Gear Companies
  • Snow Sports
  • Rock Climbing
  • Accessories

    You should also check out our article Sustainability Certifications to Look For on Outdoor Gear for more environmentally-friendly certifications to look for while shopping for outdoor gear.


    REI (Recreational Equipment Co-Op) is one of the biggest names in the industry and they’re our favorite place to shop for outdoor gear! They sell a wide variety of brands that focus on outdoor sports like hiking, biking, camping, running, rock climbing, etc.

    Climate Neutral Outdoor Clothing Brands

    Graphene X

    Graphene X creates high-durability and high-performance outdoor wear that shines when it comes to function over fashion. They use the most advanced materials on earth to make clothing that’s sure to be your favorite piece of clothing you’ve ever owned.


    Ibex makes sustainable Merino wool clothing for active and casual wear. Plus, they’re a member of the Conservation Alliance (TCA), which means they fund and advocate for the protection of North America’s wild places.


    Joobwear is a lifestyle brand that focuses on outdoor apparel.


    Stio is an outdoor apparel brand for skiing, hiking, and everyday outdoor activities. We love how all their clothing is built for adventurers by adventurers!

    Sunday Afternoons

    Sunday Afternoons specializes in sun-protective hats and accessories. Their wide selection has something for everything and their wide-brimmed hats are perfect for hiking and backpacking.


    Tentree creates really awesome outdoor and lifestyle clothing. They’re known for planting ten trees for every item purchased.


    Vuori focuses on high-quality athletic gear like yoga pants, shorts, and sports tops. Their fabric is SUPER SOFT and remarkably comfortable to wear.

    Wild Rye

    Wild Rye is a women-specific brand that offers stylish and functional outdoor clothing for hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.

    Climate Neutral Shoe Brands That Are Outdoor Ready


    Allbirds offers a wide range of shoes for various activities, but they all focus on natural materials like Merino wool and eucalyptus tree fiber.


    Forsake makes waterproof footwear that perfectly blends outdoor utility with street style. Their shoes are perfect for hiking, travel, and everyday wear. 


    Icebug is one of our favorite shoe companies! They specialize in high-traction footwear that’s perfect for winter hiking and trail running.

    Climate Netural Camping Gear Companies

    Alpine Start Coffee

    Alpine Start is our favorite coffee to take camping. It’s pre-ground instant coffee that’s delicious and oh-so simple. Just add hot water and stir. It doesn’t get easier than that when making coffee in the great outdoors.


    BioLite develops off-grid energy solutions for outdoor and emergency use like portable stoves, lighting, and solar panels. The CEO, Jonathan Cedar, is one of the founders of the Climate Neutral Certification, so you better believe that BioLite is an early adopter of this program.

    Klean Kanteen

    Klean Kanteen makes some of our favorite tumblers. They also make food storage containers, and we love the durability and reusability of all their products!

    Life Straw

    LifeStraw is one of our favorite outdoor gear brands of all time! They make awesome water filtration products that are lightweight and effective (perfect for backpacking!). But they also give back  – a child in need receives access to safe water for an entire year for every product sold!


    Nomadix makes eco-friendly, lightweight towels that are perfect for all kinds of adventure. We use them all the time for hiking to a swimming hole, backpacking, and more!


    Rumpl makes our favorite camp blankets! They perfectly combine technical materials, an affordable price, and comfort. Plus, they have some seriously awesome prints.

    Yama Mountain Gear

    Yama Mountain Gear makes ultralight backpacking gear like tarps, tents, shelters, backpacks, and more.

    Climate Neutral Certified Snow Sports Brands


    686 makes some of the most stylish and weather-resistant snowboard and ski apparel we’ve ever seen. 

    Renoun Skis

    Renoun Skis specializes in high-performance skis featuring unique vibration-damping technology, catering to both professional and recreational skiers.

    Season EQPT

    Season EQPT is focused on creating high-quality, sustainable skiing and snowboarding equipment with a minimalist design and an emphasis on durability.

    Ski Butlers

    Ski Butlers provides a ski rental delivery service, offering high-quality ski and snowboard equipment rentals with personalized fitting at your location.

    Stranda Snowboards

    Stranda Snowboards is known for its environmentally friendly and handcrafted snowboards. They combine modern technology with traditional designs for various snowboarding styles.

    Rock Climbing

    Sterling Rope

    Sterling Rope is a leading manufacturer of high-quality climbing ropes, cordage, and gear for climbing, rescue, and industrial applications. They’re known for their durability and safety features.


    All Good Sunscreen

    All Good offers organic and reef-safe sunscreens and skincare products, focusing on natural ingredients and environmental sustainability. This brand is also 1% For the Planet, a Certified B Corp, Leaping Bunny Certified, and women-owned.


    Ananday is a wellness brand that focuses on sustainable yoga and meditation accessories. And they plant trees (Trees for the Future) while using zero single-use plastic at any point in production.

    Blue Planet Outdoors

    Blue Planet Outdoors is dedicated to eco-friendly outdoor gear and apparel, often utilizing recycled materials and sustainable practices in their product lines.

    Form (UK Only)

    Form: Known for their high-quality, sustainable yoga mats available in the UK, Form’s mats are designed for grip and alignment with eco-friendly materials and practices.


    Forsake designs footwear that combines style, comfort, and utility, ideal for both outdoor adventures and everyday urban life.


    Goodr designs affordable, stylish sunglasses designed for running and active lifestyles. Their no-slip grip makes them awesome for any outdoor activity since you don’t have to worry about them sliding off your face!


    HiBear specializes in versatile, all-day adventure flasks that are designed to craft and carry all your favorite beverages, from coffee to cocktails. We LOVE our HiBear and couldn’t recommend this brand more!


    Miir is a design-forward brand offering drinkware, including bottles, tumblers, and cups, that combines functionality with sustainability, with a commitment to giving back to community projects.

    Nocs Provisions

    Nocs Provisions provides compact, rugged, and waterproof binoculars with a modern design, catering to outdoor enthusiasts who value both functionality and aesthetic.

    Outer Shell

    Outer Shell produces high-quality, durable bike packing bags and accessories for cyclists, with a focus on innovative design and functionality for bike touring and commuting.

    Peak Design

    Peak Design makes innovative photography accessories and travel gear, including camera bags, clips, and straps, designed for photographers, travelers, and commuters.

    Rocky Talkie

    Rocky Talkie offers durable, long-range two-way radios specifically designed for outdoor sports and adventures, emphasizing reliability and ease of use in rugged conditions.

    The Scrubba

    The Scrubba is a lightweight, portable wash bag that allows for clothes washing anywhere, ideal for travelers, campers, and hikers looking to minimize their luggage.


    Sunski makes polarized, sustainable sunglasses made from recycled materials, offering stylish, durable, and comfortable options for outdoor activities.

    Climate Neutral – A History

    Climate Neutral (now called The Change Climate Project or TCCP) is the brainchild of Peter Dering and Jonathan Cedar, the CEO’s of Peak Design and BioLite.

    These companies have been carbon neutral since 2018 and 2012. And now they’re paving the way for the future.

    Jonathan and Peter saw that businesses weren’t taking responsibility for their carbon emissions.

    Not only does TCCP make it easier for consumers to shop for climate-friendly brands, but it also provides these brands with the tools they need to simplify the carbon-neutral process.

    If an article of clothing or piece of gear as the Climate Neutral Certified label, you know that company:

    • Measures their carbon footprint
    • Offsets that carbon footprint
    • Reduces their carbon footprint whenever possible.

    We DREAM of a day when TCCP is the new normal for business across the globe.

    But until then, we can at least support companies that have already taken the first step.


    Why is Climate Neutral changing its name to The Change Climate Project?

    Climate Neutral is changing the name of the organization, but not the name of the certified label. They found their impact was much more than "neutral" and have outgrown their old name. So now this new name encompasses a broader vision for the future. You can read more here.

    What clothes have a low carbon footprint?

    There's a ton of clothing brands with a low carbon footprint! Some examples include Ibex, Stio, Tentree, Vuori, Allbirds, 686, Goodr, and many more!

    What outdoor gear brands are carbon neutral certified?

    Here's a complete list of Carbon Neutral Certified outdoor gear brands:

    • 686
    • Allbirds
    • All Good
    • Ananday
    • Blue Planet
    • Form
    • Forsake
    • Alpine Start
    • BioLite
    • Forsake
    • Graphene X
    • Goodr
    • Ibex
    • Icebug
    • Joobwear
    • Klean Kanteen
    • Life Straw
    • Miir
    • Nocs Provisions
    • Nomadix
    • Outer Shell
    • Peak Design
    • Rocky Talkie
    • Rumpl
    • Yama
    • REI
    • Renoun Skis
    • Scrubba Washbags
    • Season EQPT
    • Ski Butlers
    • Stranda
    • Sterling
    • Stio
    • Sunski
    • Sunday Afternoons
    • Tentree
    • Vuroi
    • Wild Rye

    Final Thoughts

    Not all eco-friendly brands are Climate Neutral Certified.

    And that’s okay.

    There are TONS of outdoor gear and clothing brands that are doing incredible things for the environment. And they’re doing it without this certification or the recognition that comes with it.

    HOWEVER, we do believe that these certified brands deserve a special shout-out for their work to become carbon neutral.

    It’s not an easy process and there’s not a lot of financial benefit for following through. These companies do it simply because they want to do their part. And that’s a BIG DEAL.


    For a complete list of Climate Neutral Certified brands, visit

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