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Climbing offers a gateway to unparalleled adventures, requiring nothing more than essential gear like chalk, ropes, and a spirit of perseverance.

This sport is less about the altitude gained and more about the experiences and lessons along the way. It’s a celebration of nature, a test of physical and mental strength, and a path to inner peace.

Delve into our expert climbing tips and in-depth gear reviews designed to elevate your climbing experiences, whether you’re bouldering, sport climbing, or tackling traditional routes.

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What Goes in a First Aid Kit for Climbers

Climbers need a first aid kit to help in emergencies out on expeditions. Tape, bandages, gauze, and meds like aspirin should be in the kit. Scissors and gloves are essential, and it's important to...

Marc-André Leclerc: Portrait of a Climbing Legend

Marc-André Leclerc, the legendary climber who is revered throughout the mountaineering community, left an indelible impact on alpinism. His journey began young, as he pursued each ascent and solo...

How to Mantle

To master the climbing technique of mantling, understanding its intricacies and significance is key. Learn the art of mantle climbing and unlock your potential on the rocks. In this section, we will...

How Many Calories Do You Burn Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a superb way to burn calories! It provides an exciting and adventurous experience, as well as numerous physical benefits. It is a full-body workout that can boost your metabolic...

How Many Days Should You Climb Each Week?

Climbing is a thrilling sport that needs proper planning and training to get the best results. A key factor in a climber's plan is how many climbing sessions they should do each week. Finding the...

Should You Be Climbing in Jeans? You Should…

Climbing in jeans is becoming increasingly popular, due to their versatility and style. They provide comfort, durability, and flexibility. Thanks to advances in fabric technology, climbing-specific...

Flappers from Climbing: How to Deal with Them

Rock climbing can be thrilling, but it comes with risks. One of them is the dreaded flapper - skin tearing off due to friction from climbing holds. Here's how to prevent and treat them: Take care of...

How Rock Climbers Sleep: An Intro to Portaledges

Portaledges, also known as 'cliff cabanas', are unique camping shelters that are designed to be attached to a cliff. They're made from durable nylon fabric and are secured with carabiners and ropes....

When to Replace Your Climbing Harness? 2023 Guide

It's key to know when to replace your climbing harness for safety. Lifespan depends on type and how often used. Regularly inspect for signs of wear and tear, as these can affect it. Harnesses last...

Laces vs. Velcro Climbing Shoes: What’s Best?

The choice of laces or Velcro for climbing shoes is a tricky one - both have their pros and cons. Laces offer better control, distributing pressure evenly and creating a secure fit. Velcro is...

Different Types of Carabiners for Climbing

Carabiners are a must-have for climbers. But with so many types, it can be tricky to pick the right one. Let's look into the different types of carabiners and their features. Carabiner anatomy has...

The Ultimate Bouldering Warm-Up

To properly prepare yourself for a bouldering session, it is crucial to understand the importance of a proper warm-up. By engaging in dynamic stretching, such as leg swings and arm circles, you can...

How to Make a DIY Bouldering Crash Pad

Crafting your own DIY bouldering crash pad can be a fun and economical way to guarantee a safe landing while climbing. With a couple of materials and some sewing skills, you can create your own...

How Long Does Climbing Rope Last?

Climbing rope is a must for climbers and mountaineers. It can handle unpredictable, high-impact forces. But, like any equipment, it has a limited life. The life of a rope depends on usage, UV...

Can You Rock Climb While Pregnant?

Can You Rock Climb While Pregnant?

The world of rock climbing is one filled with thrills, challenges, and the exhilaration of conquering new heights. But when you're expecting a little climber of your own, the question often arises:...

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