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Living in a Tent Year-Round: Your Ultimate Guide

Living in a Tent Year-Round: Your Ultimate Guide

The smell of fresh air, the rustling of leaves just outside, and the rhythmic patter of rain on your tent fly; these sounds and sensations aren't foreign to anyone who has spent significant time...

The 15 BEST Places To Go Camping Near Breckenridge

The 15 BEST Places To Go Camping Near Breckenridge

Having called Breckenridge home for several years, I've had the privilege of experiencing its breathtaking beauty across all seasons. While its snowy winters are renowned worldwide, it's the vibrant...

Static vs Dynamic Climbing

Climbing is an exciting sport that offers climbers many techniques and styles. Static and dynamic are two of these. Static is controlled and uses strength, dynamic is speedy and explosive. Knowing...

GriGri vs ATC: Which Belay Device Is Best for You?

Climbing is a popular sport and Belay devices are essential for safety. GriGri or ATC? That's the debate! Each device has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on what you're looking for....

Does Rock Climbing Build Muscle

Yes, rock climbing can definitely build muscle! It works your entire body. For your upper body, biceps, forearms and latissimus dorsi are activated and strengthened. Your lower body gets a workout...

What Are Climbing Holds Made Of

Climbing holds are vital for climbing walls and bouldering routes. They come in many varieties and are crafted from different materials. The material used affects grip, durability, and realism....

Quick & Easy Rigging for Climbing Photography

Quick & Easy Rigging for Climbing Photography

Capturing the essence of climbing in a photograph is no small feat. It requires a deep understanding of both the sport and the art of photography, along with a keen sense of timing, composition, and...

The Dawn Wall vs Free Solo

The Dawn Wall vs Free Solo

We’re going to break down all the differences between The Dawn Wall vs Free Solo and pick a favorite – read on to learn more about both films!

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