Best Tent with Stove Jack for Cold Weather Camping in 2023

By: Ashley Vitiello | Last Updated on May 23, 2024

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When the weather turns cold but you’re not ready to give up your camping adventures for the season, there are several ways you can stay warm in a tent. However, one of the simplest and most effective ways to heat your tent is by using a wood burning stove. These are great for winter camping when having high quality gear is not enough to enjoy being outside in the cold. But in order to use a tent with a wood burning stove, it will need to have a built in stove jack.

What is a tent stove jack? It’s a fire-proof square sewn into the ceiling of your tent and it has a circular hole that allows the flue pipe, or chimney, to stick out the top. In addition to having a stove jack, your tent will need to be made of material that’s fire- and heat-resistant so it can withstand the temperatures of having a hot stove inside.

This concept of using a wood burning stove to stay warm in a tent is called ‘hot tenting‘ or a ‘hot tent’, and is a method that only about 1% of campers use. Each top pick for our best tent with stove jack has their own pros and cons, but they all have a built in stove jack. Use them for the perfect addition to your hot tenting gear, or as a glamping or camping tent.


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Best Tent with Stove Jack

White Duck Regatta Bell Canvas Tent
  • Environmentally sustainable company
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Double fill cotton canvas that’s water-repellant with UV- and mold-resistance
Pomoly Hammock Tent
  • Doesn’t require a flat ground
  • Uses a hammock design or you can sleep on the ground
  • Reinforced corners and guyouts for securing the tent in all weather conditions
White Duck Alpha Wall Tent
  • Comes in sizes that range from 8’x10′ to 16’x24′ (6 options)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weather ready for all seasons and conditions
Stovehut Black Tent by Pomoly
  • Best for 1-2 campers or as a Bushcraft shelter
  • Interesting layout keeps stove out of the way
  • Made by a well known brand in the industry
One Tigris Rock Fortress
  • Simple and affordable
  • Includes wind-proof snow skirt
  • Generous waterhead rating makes this tent weatherproof
Fire Hiking Ultralight Teepee
  • Most affordable tent on our list
  • 66d nylon with 3000mm waterproof rating
  • Weighs only 3.48 lbs.

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White Duck Regatta Bell Canvas Tent – Editor’s Choice

white duck regatta bell canvas tent for winter camping

White Duck Outdoors is easily one of the top manufacturers of hot tents with stove jacks, as well as tents for glamping and year-round camping. Their products are meticulously designed be the highest quality, most durable, and longest-lasting products while still being easy to use and set up. Their Regatta Bell tent is our Editor’s Choice for best 4 season tent with stove jack because it’s one of the most popular and highly rated canvas tents on the market. It perfectly balances space, affordability, quality, and versatility, all while offering high performance craftmanship. As an added bonus, White Duck offers a lifetime warranty.

As far as material goes, all White Duck tents utilize a proprietary DynaDuck fabric that makes the most durable and comfortable canvas tents on the market. The cotton canvas is 100% double-fill, and is treated with a PFC-free water repellent, mold, and UV resistant finish. When selecting a product to purchase, you also have the option of choosing material that’s been treated to be fire resistant in addition to the finish described above. White Duck is an extremely environmentally friendly company that is part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) that works to protect cotton farmers and the environment with healthy practices.

white duck regatta hot tent

White Duck prides themselves on being an ‘all-in’ product that includes everything you need without having to run to the store. All their tent purchases include a rubber mallet for stake insertion, as well as a tool kit, angle kit, stove jack, no-see-um mesh on doors and windows, and a ground sheet. The included poles are galvanized steel, as are the heavy duty pegs. The included stove jack comes in 5″ and 6″ pre-cuts to give you some options when it comes to installing your wood burning stove.

The tent comes in three different sizes: their 10′ (3m) sleeps up to four people, the 13′ (4m) sleep up to six, and the 16’5″ (5m) sleeps up to 8. If you’re glamping, cut those capacity numbers in half. Some other features include multiple color options, four air vents, heavy duty zippers, double-stitched seams, reinforced corners, and a waterproof tent bag.

Whether you’re hot tenting, camping or glamping, you can be sure you’ll stay comfortable in all weather conditions in this high quality cotton canvas tent.


  • Size: 13′ diameter (also available in 10′ and 16’5″)
  • Tent Stove Jack Size: 5″ and 6″ pre-cuts
  • Canopy Material: 8.5 oz. Army Duck Canvas
  • Floor Material: 7.5oz sewn-in PE groundsheet
  • Peak height: 8’2″
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Highlight: High quality and environmentally friendly materials from a stand-out brand


  • Environmentally sustainable company
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Double fill cotton canvas that’s water-repellant with UV- and mold-resistance
  • Comes in three different sizes


  • Quite heavy

Pomoly Hammock Tent – Most Versatile

pommoly canvas hammock hot tent

Pomoly is one of the leading brands when it comes to hot tents and wood burning stoves. They’ve partnered with one of the biggest influencers on YouTube when it comes to hot tenting, Lone Wolf 902 (see video linked below). Lone Wolf’s design ideas combined with Pomoly’s manufacturing quality has led to the creation of this hammock tent. It’s a seriously cool hot tent (no pun intended) that would be a great addition to your winter camping gear.

It’s not a tent, but is essentially a square tarp that measures 14.7ft. x 14.7ft. It doesn’t have zippers or mesh doors to fiddle with, but that’s part of what makes this design so unique yet so versatile. It uses carabiner clips to keep the two sets of double doors open, or you can use the included stakes to bunker down during windy and cold nighttime conditions.

In order to set up this tent, you will need at least two appropriately spaced trees. While this can limit the tent in some ways, it frees it in others because you no longer have to worry about finding flat ground. If you do get the best of both worlds with trees and flat ground, you have the flexibility of using a hammock or traditional sleeping gear like a cot or pad.

pomoly canvas tent with stove tent review
View inside the Pomoly Hammock Tent

The max height of this tent depends on how high you set it up, giving you the flexibility to leave lots of flap against the earth or little to none. At minimum, it will need to be low enough to allow for the flaps to be staked, but this height still allows for lots of interior space. The doors don’t zipper, they instead overlap for weather protection, and the amount of overlap depends on how wide you stake the tent. For less overlap, make the tarp shorter and wider, or you can make the tarp narrow and taller for more overlap.

There is not an included or attached floor, so you have limitless options with using bare ground or your own mats or tarps. The stove jack is set off to one side but it still has about 1.5 feet separating it from the hammock and tent walls. This offset also means you have more space to enter on one end of the tent even though there’s doors on both ends. This also allows for more floor sleeping space so you could sleep 1-3 people if needed.

With plenty of guyouts, multiple sleeping options, and a durable 70% canvas canopy, this tarp is for the true outdoorsmen/women who wants flexible options for their adventures in all kinds of weather conditions.


  • Size: 14.7ft x 6.2-6.56ft
  • Stove Jack Size: can be changed out for different stove jack sizes (velcro)
  • Canopy Material: 70% cotton, 30% polyester
  • Waterhead Rating: 1500mm
  • Peak height: depends on how high you set up the tent
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Highlight: Versatile design makes gives you multiple options for setup


  • Doesn’t require a flat ground
  • Uses a hammock design or you can sleep on the ground
  • Reinforced corners and guyouts for securing the tent in all weather conditions


  • Must have trees for setup

White Duck Alpha Wall Tent – Best Oversized

white duck canvas alpha wall tent

This Alpha tent is made by White Duck, which is the same brand as our Editor’s Choice tent, the Regatta. White Duck makes some really great canvas tents that are hard to beat, so they have this second option that’s made our list for best cabin tent with stove jack.

This tent has a heavier duty fabric compared to the Regatta above, coming in at 10.10oz (versus 8.5oz) for the canopy and 16oz (versus 7.5oz) for the groundsheet. The ground sheet is made from PVC and is free-floating. This makes cleaning and carrying easier, and it also gives you more flexibility with its placement. Plus, the windows and door are three-layer and there’s a storm flap on the front door, so this tent generally protects from the elements more than most of the tents on this list.

White Duck didn’t spare any expense on this tent and it’s one of the highest quality wall tents you could buy. The guyouts have a bungee connection for flexibility in the wind, but there’s also a solid strap in case there’s any failure in the stretchy bungee. The zippers are YKK military-grade zippers, and there are windows with mesh for letting in light and airflow if you desire. The galvanized support poles are very strong, and there’s a steel wire frame inside for extra support. Every piece of fabric against a pole is reinforced, and even the angled corners have reinforced metal pieces. This tent is just so well thought out.

As for the sizes, this Alpha tent comes in the sizes listed in the chart below. There are six different options that sleep groups as small as 2 glampers on beds/cots or groups as large as 18 campers sleeping closely.

white duck canvas tent alpha size chart
White Duck alpha size & capacity chart.

This Alpha wall tent is ideal for larger groups or people wishing for an oversized tent regardless of the number of sleepers. With all the size options available, they’re sure to have the right size you’re looking for. The space in this tent gives more flexibility for larger wood burning stoves, remote-work areas, extra beds, and just generally not feeling cramped.

The biggest downside is that all this quality and extra space comes at the cost of weight. This is the heaviest tent on our list by a longshot, so make sure you have help setting it up. Once it’s up, it will easily be the best wall tent you’ve ever owned.

Specifications (for 14’x16′ size)

  • Size: 14′ x 16′ (available in many other sizes)
  • Stove Jack Size: 5″ and 6″ pre-cuts
  • Canopy Material: 10.10 oz. Army Duck Canvas
  • Floor Material: 16oz free floating PE groundsheet
  • Peak height: 9’5″
  • Weight: 260 total pounds
  • Highlight: Oversized tent comes in a variety of sizes


  • Comes in sizes that range from 8’x10′ to 16’x24′ (6 options)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weather ready for all seasons and conditions
  • Larger sizes have two stove jacks


  • Extremely heavy

Stovehut Black Tent by Pomoly – Best Lightweight

We originally heard about Pomoly through their high quality wood burning tent stoves, but we also really like their tents they’ve built that are made to withstand the test of time and heat. This design for their Stovehut stood out to us because of the interesting layout.

Instead of having a stove in the middle of a round tent, it’s set off to the side where it will always be out of the way. Pomoly put the stove inside its own little room, so you can stay in the sleeping portion and keep bug-free and warm. One of the biggest pros of having the stove placed like this is that it can sit freely on the ground and be an appropriate distance from all the tent walls without interfering with the comfort of the people sleeping or sitting inside the tent. No need to worry about accidentally bumping it or fussing with a ground sheet.

The stove jack is a DIY cut, meaning it comes completely whole and it’s up to you to cut it to the proper size. As you can see in the image below, it actually seems quite simple. Cutting slits and then feeding the flue pipe up through the material is a simple design that lets you customize it to fit your needs.

pomoly stove hut tent

The Stove Hut Black Tent is a 4-season tent that uses strong 70D fabric coated with a polyurethane waterproofing rated at 2500mm. These specifications combine to make a strong year-round tent that is built to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions. Normally 4-season tents don’t provide any mesh, making them borderline useless on warmer summer days. That’s not the case with this Pomoly tent, since it has ample mesh for airflow that can be closed off for cold weather conditions.

This tent is meant as an ultralight Bushcraft shelter for survivalists and 1-2 campers who don’t want to deal with a large and heavy tent. We would encourage you to watch the video below, which points out a lot of cool features about the tent.


  • Size: 35.5 sq. ft.
  • Stove Jack Size: cut-it-yourself stove jack
  • Canopy Material: 70D ripstop polyester
  • Waterhead Rating: 2500mm
  • Peak height: 4.1′
  • Weight: 8.7 lbs.
  • Highlight: Interesting layout keeps the stove out of the way while sleeping 1-2 campers in year-round conditions


  • Best for 1-2 campers or as a Bushcraft shelter
  • Interesting layout keeps stove out of the way
  • Made by a well known brand in the industry


  • A bit heavy to be considered a true ultralight tent

One Tigris Rock Fortress – Best Teepee Style

One Tigris is an up-and-coming brand when it comes to hot tents, and they are a great option for a simple and affordable design. This teepee style winter tent is a 4-season tent with a built in stove jack that is great for small groups of 1-3 people. Although it’s described as sleeping 4-6 people, you’ll find that the layout doesn’t have enough space for this many people to sleep comfortably when there’s a stove inside.

With only one pole for set up, this tent is quick and easy. There are 24 included pegs for securing the base of the tent, and 10 guyout lines. Use them all for an extra secure tent in all kinds of weather conditions. The lower snow skirts let you pack down the gap for extra warmth, while still allowing ventilation through the two upper vents and two sets of double doors.

Although initially it seems quite affordable, this tent does not come with a floor. If you don’t want one, then you’ve got yourself a great, affordable tent. But if you do want a floor, you have to purchase a half inner tentseparately which adds about 50% more to your total purchase cost. The downside of adding the inner tent is that it only covers half of the whole structure, so it greatly limits your usable space and sleeping area when in use.


  • Size: 12.4′ diameter
  • Stove Jack Size: 5″ and 6″ pre-cuts
  • Canopy Material: 70D nylon with 3000mm waterproof rating
  • Floor Material: 4000mm bathtub floor sold separately
  • Peak height: 7.8′
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs.
  • Highlight: Lightweight and simple teepee tent


  • Simple and affordable
  • Includes wind-proof snow skirt
  • Generous waterhead rating makes this tent weatherproof


  • Must purchase the inner tent separately

Fire Hiking Ultralight Teepee – Most Affordable

fire hiking hot tent

Fire Hiking has made the most affordable winter tent currently on the market with this teepee style tent built for 1 person. It weighs only 3.48 lbs., so it’s also ultralight and great for backpacking. The diameter of the tent is 12.4 ft. and the center height is 5.2 ft. This is plenty of space for one person plus a small wood burning stove.

The size of the stove jack opening is 3.5″, so it’s intended for use with smaller stove pipes. The stove jack is attached with Velcro, so you could always change it out for one that’s a different size.

The fabric is 66D ripstop nylon with a 3000mm waterhead rating. Both of these numbers make for a good quality material that’s built to withstand weather conditions year-round. Add in YKK zippers, 13 stakes, and 6 guylines, and you’ll have a secure tent.

For ventilation, there’s a large vent with bug mesh on the uppermost part of the tent, and this allows some heat to escape upwards. Because it’s a small space, you’ll only need a small wood burning stove to heat it. That means this tent is ideal for backpackers and single campers looking for a basic teepee winter tent.


  • Size: 12.4′ diameter
  • Stove Jack Size: 3.5″
  • Canopy Material: 66D nylon with 3000mm waterproof rating
  • Peak height: 5.2ft
  • Weight: 3.48 lbs.
  • Highlight: Most affordable option for best tent with stove jack


  • Most affordable tent on our list
  • 66d nylon with 3000mm waterproof rating
  • Weighs only 3.48 lbs.


  • Lower price sacrifices thicker materials

Thing to Consider When Choosing the Best Tent with Stove Jack

Let’s take a look at some key factors to take into consideration before purchasing your new tent: ventilation, capacity, shape/size, and materials.


While having places for warm air to escape from a tent may seem counterintuitive, ventilation is actually an essential part of any hot tenting experience. Not only do your lungs need oxygen in the tent, but so does your wood burning stove, which will actually pull in oxygen. Canvas tents have a natural breathability that allows the transfer of air across the material, but you still need more airflow. Look for options that have vents on or near the ceiling in addition to lower vents or mesh windows closer to the ground.

Don’t seal off your tent completely by compressing any snow skirts or packing the gap in your stove jack. These little slivers of space allow extra airflow that will help keep you safe.


Capacities in canvas tents with stove jacks aren’t always as straightforward as regular 3-season ones. Even with a regular tent, we recommend sizing up by at least two campers unless you’re planning on sleeping in very tight quarters. This means if you are camping with a group of four people, you would ideally like to purchase a 6-person tent. While a similar rule goes for hot tents, it’s not as straight forward.

Tents made for hot tenting will usually have a suggested capacity range, but you must research if this capacity accounts for the stove or not, because it doesn’t always take that into consideration. For example, a teepee tent may have a capacity of 6 people without a stove, or 4 people sleeping in close quarters with a stove. If you want more space to be more comfortable, then you could even size that down to 2 people. It just all depends on what you’re intended use is and how much space you want.

That’s why we’ve included some larger size options in this list, because they really don’t sleep as many people as you think once you factor in space for the wood burning stove and lots of cold weather gear. Plus, if you’re glamping, cut any capacity numbers in half. This means that a tent that sleeps up to six people would sleep three or less for glamping.

Always look at the provided sleeping layout to get an idea for the way the tent capacity is estimated. Use this to determine if you think you’ll need more space or not. See the example below. Our Editor’s Choice was the White Duck Regatta tent with a 13′ diameter. This would sleep 6 campers but only 3-4 glampers. If you’re camping with 6 people but want more space than shown in the diagram, then consider sizing up to the 16.5′ tent.

white duck canvas tent capacity
Example of a capacity chart from the White Duck Regatta Canvas Tent. Compare the diameter sizing to the estimated number of sleepers vs. glampers.

Shape & Size

Just like regular tents, tents with stove jacks come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The four shapes seen on our list above are bell, wall, hammock, and teepee, and each have their own pros and cons.

  • Bell shapes will have short side walls that slowly round up to a peak point in the ceiling. These are what you would typically see for a glamping tent. Most of them have a tall enough max height that you could stand up straight in the majority of the tent but not against the side walls. The best bell tent on our list is the White Duck Regatta, which is also our Editor’s Choice.
  • Wall shapes are square or rectangle and have vertical walls that allow standing in all areas of the tent. These are especially great for camping with large groups since it allows lots of space for movement and storage of gear. A perfect example of a wall tent is the White Duck Alpha tent, which is our pick for an oversized best tent with stove jack. It also comes in smaller sizes if you don’t want it to be too large.
  • There’s only one hammock tent on this list and there are very few available on the market. It’s a really cool design that lots of applications. While it doesn’t allow for standing up straight, it still has lots of space for gear and a stove. You can put your sleeping bag in a hammock and use the floor for gear storage, or you can lay on the ground. The Pomoly Hammock tent above is our pick for most versatile best tent with stove jack.
  • Teepee tents are shaped like traditional Native American tipis, and utilize one pole in the center with lots of stake out points for support. The teepee ones on this list are more lightweight but also offer much less space. We have a couple teepee tents on this list, with an option from One Tigris and Hot Hiking.
white duck regatta bell canvas tent best tent with stove jack
pommoly hammock hot tent with stove jack canvas
white duck alpha wall tent canvas
stovehut hot tent with stove jack
one tigris hot tent with stove jack
fire hiking hot tent with stove jack

It’s important to take into consideration your typical use and apply that to the shape and size. Do you want to be able to stand up straight or no? Do you want extra space for gear? Do you want the smallest tent possible so you have less space to heat or do you want to use a larger wood burning stove in a bigger space? Make sure you’re accounting for the number of campers who accompany you, as well as space for their gear and sleeping setup. It’s essential that everyone’s sleeping bag be at least 1-2 feet away from the stove, so keep that in mind when looking at size.

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Where traditional 3- and 4-season tents are usually made of synthetic materials that are lightweight and thin, the best ones on this list are made of a heavy duty cotton canvas. Not only is canvas more suitable for hot tenting because it’s more insulating, but it’s also better for the environment. It’s actually one of the most environmentally friendly material options for outdoor gear because it’s naturally grown and doesn’t require intensive treatments with high carbon emissions in order to make it suitable for use.

Even though it’s more insulating, it actually has a natural breathability that lets air circulate through the fabric freely, making it a great material for year-round camping temperatures. Plus, it offers more UV protection for summer camping and is more heat resistant for the use of a hot wood burning stove. On top of that, cotton material is less likely to melt, stretch, or rip. Cotton/canvas fabrics will last longer, especially if you take proper care of them, but they do require maintenance to avoid mold, rust, and rot.

The main downside of a cotton canvas tent is that they are typically heavier, so this should be taken into consideration if you plan on backpacking with this tent at all. The most lightweight canvas tent on this list is the Pomoly Hammock Tent at 12 lbs., but its high quality construction will be better suited for all kinds of weather conditions. We did include some synthetic materials on this list, and you will see that they weigh as little as 3.48 pounds for the smallest one.

While it is possible to have a tent made of synthetic materials, you should look at your budget and typical use and consider purchasing a higher quality tent that will be stronger and last longer, especially if you plan on using it in adverse conditions. If you do purchase a tent made of synthetic materials, you will need to be more mindful of hot surfaces and fire safety.

For any tent you’re looking to purchase, you should always read everything about the product, including all specifications. While doing research for these best tents with a stove jack, I found a rather concerning off-brand canvas tent that at first seems like a good purchase. It was more affordable but a similar size to our Editor’s Choice above, but after reading the fine print, I found this section on the materials (see photo below).

Don’t buy this tent.

Having a tent that is not waterproof enough where the manufacturer says to not use it in rain is an unacceptable choice in our books. You can’t control the weather when you’re camping, and I wouldn’t want to be caught outside in adverse conditions with this tent. We’ve even had nights outside where there was no rain in the forecast and we woke up to the sound of thunder. Weather is unpredictable, so buy a tent that will be ready in all possible weather conditions.


What kind of tent can you put a stove in?

In order to use a wood burning stove inside a tent, you’ll need a tent with a built in stove jack, which is the fire-proof hole in the material that allows for a flue pipe, or chimney. The tent materials should also be heat-resistant, preferably a cotton/canvas material.

Can you put a wood stove in any tent?

It’s not safe to put a wood stove in just any tent, and you should purchase a tent with stove jack that’s fire- and heat-resistant.

Can you put a stove jack in a polyester tent?

While there are a few polyester tents on the market that have built-in stove jacks, we wouldn’t recommend them or suggest making your own. Tents with stove jacks are safest when they are made of a cotton/canvas material.

Are tents with stoves safe?

Tents with stove are safe when they’re made of the proper materials are used in accordance with all manufacturer instructions.


After taking these factors into consideration, we’re confident you’ll be able to choose theperfect best tent with stove jack for your winter camping setup. As we’ve already stated above, we recommend spending a little more money and purchasing a higher quality cotton/canvas tent, but we also understand that budget may be a bigger priority, which is why we’ve included a few more affordable options as well. Whether you go with our Editor’s Choice Regatta or any others on this list, we wish you the best on all your future camping adventures.

Our #1 Recommendation: White Duck Regatta

white duck regatta bell tent best tent with stove jack

The White Duck Regatta Bell tent is our Editor’s Choice because it’s built with high quality fabrics and materials and is made by an environmentally friendly company that offers a lifetime warranty.

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