Best Tent with AC Port for Air Conditioned Camping (2023)

By: Ashley Vitiello | Last Updated on December 22, 2023

We love camping as much as possible, but once it gets into the summer months, our tent quickly becomes a sweltering hot box instead of a home-away-from-home. If you’re looking to take your summer camping trip to a whole new level, then consider upgrading to one of these tents with AC ports. You can use a window AC unit to lower the temperature in your tent so you can stay cool and comfortable even when it’s hot outside.

We’ve taken the time to research and test a wide variety of tents and have narrowed them down to these six options. We hope you can use all the information we have provided so you can pick the coolest tent (pun intended) for your typical use – that way you can enjoy your car camping adventure no matter the temperature outside.


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6 Best Tents With AC Port

Bushnell Instant Tent
  • True AC Port perfect for a window unit
  • E Port included
  • Sets up in 60 seconds
Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent
  • Includes 2 AC Ports
  • Sets up in 2 minutes
  • Can fit three queen air beds
Wenzel Klondike 8
  • 1 AC Port
  • Additional screen room included
  • 10 year warranty
E-Z Up Camping Cube
  • Dog door doubles as AC port
  • E Port included
  • Compatible with 10×10 shelter
Zempire EVO TM V2
  • Super high quality
  • Inflatable frame instead of poles
  • Extremely weather resistant
Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 12
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quality materials
  • Can use portable AC unit

Bushnell Instant Tent – Editor’s Choice

Bushnell is a seriously awesome brand that makes some of the most rugged (but affordable) camping gear available. Our favorite feature of all their products is that they’re covered by their Ironclad Lifetime Warranty, which will repair or replace the product with no receipt required.

Their Shield Series camping tents are our top pick for the best tent with AC port, and this particular design comes in 6 person, 9 person, and 12 person. The specifications below are for the 9-person, which we think is a great middle-ground capacity that offers interior space and comfort without being oversized.

There is one TRUE AC port on the 6-person but two AC ports on the 9 and 12 person sizes (so you could have two air conditioners!). They’re truly built to accommodate a window air conditioner, so you aren’t limited to using a portable unit inside using the included E Port (although that’s definitely an option if you prefer).

Each port measures 12.5″ x 17″ and is covered by a 17″ flap. The opening has a mesh layer as well, so even if there’s gaps you don’t have to worry about bugs sneaking into your tent. It’s located on one of the tent walls just a few inches off the floor, so it’s perfect for a window AC unit of your choosing.

Some other tent features that we love is the tall max height (6.5 ft.), which allows most campers to stand upright in pretty much the whole tent. There’s tons of room inside, and this tall max height makes it feel even more spacious. Plus, the tent sets up in as little as 60 seconds, although we found that it takes more time on the first few tries while you get the hang of it.

The tent material also has Heat Shield Technology – a reflective coating on the underside of the rainfly that blocks the sun’s UV rays. This helps keep the tent cooler and also makes it darker inside, effectively keeping hot air at bay. This feature isn’t on the other options, so it’s one of the biggest reasons we chose this tent to be #1.

Even if you don’t choose to use an AC unit, there’s lots of mesh for crosses breezes. This makes this tent ideal for warm weather camping and hot conditions since it gives you the flexibility to stay comfortable in multiple ways.

The only downside we could find for this tent is a lack of waterproof rating (aka waterhead rating). Although it uses high quality fabrics that are ‘water-resistant’ with sealed seams, this tent isn’t truly waterproof and proper precautions may need to be taken if you experience adverse weather.

Otherwise, the multiple capacity options in this tent helps you pick the right size for you and your camping group. No matter the size, it will support you and your air conditioning system needs for years to come. It’s hard to argue that this is simply the best of the best when it comes to tents with AC ports for a tent air conditioner.

Specifications (9 Person)

  • AC Port? YES
  • AC Port Dimensions: 12.5″ x 17″ (plus 17″ cover)
  • Capacity: 9
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15′ x 9′
  • Square Feet: 135
  • Max Height: 78″ (6.5ft.)
  • # of Doors: 2
  • # of Vestibules: 1
  • # of Rooms: 2
  • Fabric: 150-denier walls, 240-denier floor
  • Poles: aluminum
  • Weather Resistance: water repellant fabric, taped seams


  • True AC Port perfect for a window unit
  • E Port included
  • Sets up in 60 seconds
  • Heat Shield Technology blocks UV rays
  • Fits 2 queen air mattresses
  • Size up to the 12-person for more space and two air conditioning ports


  • “Water resistant” (not waterproof)

Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent – 2nd Best

Ozark Trail makes some really fun and affordable camping gear, and we love how their 16×16 instant cabin tent has TWO AC ports. You can see them in the picture to the right – they’re a few inches above the ground and have a panel that covers them. When you don’t have an AC window unit in there, you can stake them open for high-low ventilation.

We were surprised at how HUGE this tent is in person – it’s more of a mansion-away-from-home than a camping tent. We think that even though the capacity is rated for a 12 person tent, it’s really intended for six people, or two in each room. Each room can fit a queen size air mattress, so there’s tons of sleeping space.

Each corner of the “L-shaped” tent is its own room, and two of them have an AC port near the floor – yes there’s TWO air conditioning ports so you can use two window air conditioning units. The fourth corner (the closest one in the photo above) is an awning that provides great sun protection for sitting outside. We love how the generous space both inside and outside is plentiful, making it ideal for large families and groups who hate feeling crowded.

While this family camping tent is considered an instant tent, it doesn’t set up as quickly as the Bushnell above. Ozark Trail says it will take about two minutes, but know that the first couples times will take longer. The pre-attached poles make it easy and simple, so you can focus on the more enjoyable parts of camping.

The main downside of this tent is that the manufacturer doesn’t provide any waterhead rating or weather resistance facts besides that the rain fly is included and that there’s a 6″ tub floor. There’s also taped seams, but if you plan on camping in wet weather, it would probably be beneficial to waterproof your tent yourself.

Also, the sheer size of this tent could make it unmanageable for some people, so perhaps ask yourself if you really need something as big as this larger tent. Perhaps the 9 person Bushnell above would be less bulky while providing similar benefits.

Because of the size and simplified set up of this tent, it’s best for larger families and groups who want the space of a polyester palace at a campground.


  • Tent AC Port? YES
  • Capacity: 12
  • Weight: 55.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16
  • Square Feet: 192
  • Max Height: 82″ (6ft. 10in.)
  • # of Doors: 2
  • # of Vestibules: 1 awning
  • # of Rooms: 3
  • Weather Resistance: 6″ tub floor, taped seams


  • Includes two air conditioner ports
  • Sets up in two minutes
  • Can fit three queen air beds
  • Includes E-Port
  • Three room instant cabin tent with two removable room dividers
  • Extremely spacious


  • May need waterproofing spray
  • Such a large tent requires more setup time and a larger AC unit

Wenzel Klondike 8 – Most Affordable

The Wenzel Klondike is one of our favorite 8 person tents and for a good reason – it’s very affordable and spacious, making it a great option for budget-conscious families who want a spacious camping tent.

This tent comes with a ground flap that the manufacturer calls a vent, but it easily fits a window AC unit, making it a great option for an affordable summer camping tent. Even if you don’t put an AC unit there, there’s lots of mesh for ventilation and the ground AC vent helps a lot with that.

Other than that, we love how spacious the interior feels with it’s 6.5 foot max height. The screen room is perhaps our favorite add-on feature that’s perfect for bug-free hanging out or cooking.

You could also use the extra space in the screen room to sleep more people – three can easily fit plus five in the main cabin (that equals eight campers). We recommend always subtracting at least two from the recommended capacity, so that means this tent is best for comfortably sleeping six people or even less.

The main downside of this tent is also one of it’s biggest pros: the price. While this tent is the most budget-friendly option on our list, it also has the lowest quality materials and least amount of features. It will require extra care to not rip the fabric and you should probably apply your own waterproofing spray to the fabric if you plan on encountering any rain. Also, it doesn’t include an E port and doesn’t have ‘instant’ set up qualities like the two options above.


  • Tent AC Port? YES
  • Capacity: 8 (5 inside, 3 in screen room)
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16′ x 11′
  • Square Feet: 98 (plus 60 sq.ft. screen room)
  • Max Height: 78″ (6.5 ft.)
  • # of Doors: 1
  • # of Vestibules: 1 screen room
  • # of Rooms: 1 plus screen room
  • Fabric: polyester
  • Poles: steel uprights and fiberglass roof frame
  • Weather Resistance: water ‘resistant’ fabrics


  • 1 AC Port
  • Extremely affordable – best budget tent with AC port
  • Additional screen room included
  • Pre-attached guy lines
  • 10 year warranty


  • Lower quality materials
  • Less features

E-Z Up Camping Cube – DIY

The E-Z Up Camping Cube is easily the most interesting tent on this list, and that’s because it’s a cabin style tent that uses an E-Z Up pop-up shelter for support instead of traditional tent poles. Simply set up your canopy, then use the straps to attach the tent to the frame.

The downside is that it doesn’t have a designated AC port. So then why is it on this list? Because it has a doggy door that can double as an AC port! It’s a Velcro flap on the side of the tent that’s intended for dogs, but it seems to fit most compact window AC units as well.

While this isn’t as ideal as the Bushnell tent or Ozark Trail tents above that have a true AC port, it could work well with a little adjusting. If you already have a 10×10 pop up shelter at home, then it’s easy to add this to your camping gear closest.

The tent itself sleeps up to six people in close quarters (or less people comfortably) and uses fabric that blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays. The windows zipper open or shut from the inside, so you can open them for ventilation or seal them closed for privacy or for use with a window air conditioner. The interior space is 6 feet 4 inches tall, so there’s plenty of head room inside for standing upright.

As with other budget friendly tents on this list, the waterproofing isn’t up to our standards and should be reinforced if you anticipate camping in rainy weather.

Note: the canopy shelter top is not included and can be purchase separately or used with a compatible 10×10 shelter if you already have one.


  • AC Port? Kind of..
  • Capacity: 5-6
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9.25′ x 9.25′
  • Square Feet: 85.5 sq.ft.
  • Max Height: 76″ (6ft. 4in.)
  • # of Doors: 1
  • # of Vestibules: 0
  • # of Rooms: 1
  • Fabric: polyester
  • Poles: none
  • Weather Resistance: not listed


  • Dog door doubles as AC port
  • E Port included
  • Compatible with 10×10 shelter
  • Versatile


  • Requires DIY work
  • Not weather proof
  • Canopy sold separately

Zempire EVO TM V2 – Luxurious

If you’re looking for the most luxurious tent money could buy, look no further than the Zempire EVO TM V2. We seriously love the Zempire brand, and all their camping tents are made of the highest quality materials. Plus, they have great customer service and put so much detail in the tent design that you will be blown away.

That being said, this tent doesn’t have a true AC port. However, it does have a large gusseted air vent on the back of the tent, which could be converted into a window air conditioner vent. It could be well worth the trouble in exchange for a tent that’s seriously ready for anything you could throw at it.

Where the other tents on this list compromise quality in some form, you definitely won’t have that with the EVO TM. It has an incredible 6,000mm waterhead rating (1200mm is considered waterproof), 150-denier fabric, and an amazing SeroLink air beam frame instead of regular tent poles. Despite it’s size and complexity, we were able to set it up in just a few minutes using the double-action pump.

Even with the quality of the materials, the main reason we mention this tent is actually the PVC windows. They’re a tinted plastic material, which allows you to see outside even when you have the lower windows sealed up. All the cool air escapes out of mesh, so with these windows you can hold it inside. Since creating a seal is an essential step in how to air condition a tent, the PVC windows are a great feature.

To help keep your tent cool even more, the fabric is UPF 50+ to block the sun’s rays and is a darker, light-diffusing fabric to keep out excess light when you want to sleep in.

All this adds up to a super high quality tent that can be used in cold or hot weather, rain and wind, or anything else Mother Nature can throw at you.


  • AC Port? Kind of…
  • Capacity: 4
  • Weight: 59 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 212 x118″ (17.6′ x 9.8′)
  • Square Feet: 126 sq.ft.
  • Max Height: 79″ (6ft.7in.)
  • # of Doors: 2
  • # of Vestibules: 1
  • # of Rooms: 3
  • Fabric: 150-denier
  • Poles: inflatable
  • Weather Resistance: 6000mm


  • Super high quality
  • Inflatable frame instead of poles
  • Extremely weather resistant
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Tinted PVC windows


  • Most expensive but it could be worth it!

Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 12 – For Portable AC Units

A camping tent by Eureka! consistently makes our favorites lists and we really love their Copper Canyon LX series. It comes in 4-person, 6-person, 8-person, and 12-person capacities, but today we will be talking about the 12-person tent because it’s large and perfect for a family tent to use with a portable air conditioner unit.

While it doesn’t have a real AC port like the first three options on this list, we’ve included it because it’s one of the easiest ones to use with a portable air conditioner unit inside the tent instead.

There’s plenty of space inside to use a stand up unit, plus the E Port allows you to run an electrical cord and the second door makes for the perfect place to set the output hose. Plus, the higher windows make it easier to drape a tarp under the rain fly so you can seal off the air conditioned space.

Even though this tent can be adapted to use with some kind of portable air conditioner, it doesn’t compromise quality. The fabrics are durable and have a waterhead rating of 1200mm, which meets the minimum requirements to be considered waterproof. The upright poles are made of steel for stability and strength, while the roof connector poles are fiberglass to save money and weight. These two factors add up to a weather resistant tent that’s ready for camping!

As with other larger tents on this list, it has ample head space so you can stand upright at all times. There’s a middle divider so you can separate the interior into two different rooms, and the steep walls maximize space for cots and air mattresses along the walls.

All these features make the Copper Canyon LX perfect for anyone who is open to using a portable AC unit instead of a window unit.


  • AC Port? No
  • Capacity: 12
  • Weight: 38.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 14′ x 12′
  • Square Feet: 168 sq ft
  • Max Height: 84″ (7 ft.)
  • # of Doors: 2
  • # of Vestibules: 0
  • # of Rooms: 2
  • Fabric: 68-denier mesh, 75-denier fly and floor
  • Poles: steel and fiberglass
  • Weather Resistance: 1200mm


  • 1 year warranty
  • Quality materials
  • Can use a freestanding AC unit (portable air conditioners)
  • Steel poles for durability


  • Cannot use an air conditioner window unit

Other Options

If none of these camping tents are striking your fancy, then perhaps a tent with a built in AC port isn’t for you. You could consider an tent with an E-Port, which is a slit in the fabric to slide an electrical cord. That way you can have electricity inside the tent whenever you need it.

You could then use that electricity to run a portable AC unit, which is quite different from the window AC units we’ve been talking about so far. You’ll need extra space inside your tent for this setup, but it opens up more tent options if you want to keep shopping.

Read our post What is an E Port on a Tent? and you’ll find some great recommendations for tents. Our top pick was the Eureka! Copper Canyon LX above.

Comparison Table

Tent ModelCapacityAC Port?Max HeightE Port?PriceFavorite Feature
Bushnell Shield Series9YES6’6″Yes$$Best of the Best
Ozark Trail12YES6’10”Yes$$Size
Wenzel Klondike8YES6’6″No$Affordability
E-Z Up6Kinda6’4″Yes$$Flexibility
Eureka! Copper Canyon12No7″Yes$$$Height
A comparison table showing the tents from our list and comparing capacity, the presence of an AC port and E Port, as well as max height, price, and our favorite feature.

Thing to Consider When Choosing a Tent with AC Port

When shopping for tents with an air conditioner port (AC Port), it’s essential to take some things into consideration.


Not many tents on the market have a TRUE AC port, but there are three on this list that do: the Bushnell Shield Series, Ozark Trail, and Wenzel tents. The other tents on this list and online don’t have true AC compatibility, but instead have either something that can be fashioned into one or they have an E Port that allows you to use a portable air conditioning unit instead. If they don’t have either of these options, they’re probably not the best pick for this application.

How do you know if a tent has a real AC port or not? Well for the most part it’s clearly stated in the product description. If it’s not in the specifications, then it probably doesn’t have one. You should also be able to clearly see it in the product images, like this picture below from the Ozark Trail tent that shows how to use the AC port.

This picture shows an AC flap with an air conditioner on the Ozark Trail.

What does a true AC port look like and how does it work? A true AC port will have a flap that can be staked out to cover the top of the air conditioner unit. There should be a mesh layer that seals off the tent’s interior from insects, and that’s where the front of the air conditioner unit sits. You will need some type of stool or prop to keep the unit off the ground.

Max Height

These tents are HUGE in person and have plenty of head room. As you can see in our comparison table above, the Eureka! Copper Canyon has the tallest max height at a whopping 7 feet, but all the other have ample space as well at over 6 feet all around.

If standing upright is an important feature for you, then look for tents with a max height that’s at least two inches taller than your tallest camper.

Size & Shape

Any camping tent with an AC port is pretty much guaranteed to be quite large. It’s common to see tents upwards of 12 person capacities, which would sleep 12 people in close quarters or less than 10 more comfortably. Ultimately it’s your choice how large you want to go – we see the draw of wanting more and more space.

That being said, keep in mind that more interior space is more space that has to be cooled. You will have to purchase a larger air conditioner unit and it may even result in only being able to keep it cooler instead of a comfortable temperature you may see at your own home’s thermostat. Even with a lot of BTU’s, the cool air can only do so much if your tent is too big.

Also, not all campgrounds are able to accommodate those larger tents, so going too big could cause you more headache down the road. You want to find the right balance of size and comfort without sacrificing other aspects that make for a fun camping experience.

That’s why our Editor’s Choice is the Bushnell Shield Series 9-person tent (among other reasons). It’s a great balance of offering plenty of space for most situations but is smaller than 12-person so it can more easily fit into campgrounds and tent pads. The Ozark Trail tent is going to be exceptionally large and you may have trouble finding the right spot to pitch it.

A look inside the Bushnell 9-person tent. You can see the AC port in the back left corner.

The others on this list like the Wenzel 8, E-Z Up, and Eureka! Copper Canyon are all great options when it comes to size. The Zempire is a bit on the larger side, but is still small enough that it would be easier to fit than the Ozark Trail.


Part of a tent’s size is that the bigger it is, the more BTU’s your air conditioner unit will need. BTU stands for British Thermal Units and is a measurement of the energy needed to change the temperature. According to Trane, you need about 20 BTU’s per square foot of space for getting cold air out of a window air conditioning unit. We could increase that number a tad just because a camping tent isn’t going to be as efficient as heating an insulated home, so let’s call it 25.

For each tent above, we’ve included the square footage. Take that number and multiply it by 25 to get your minimum recommended BTU requirement for an air conditioning unit. This will be an ideal number to help keep your air conditioned tent cool even on those warmer camping trips.

Tent ModelCapacitySqaure FootageRecommended BTU
Bushnell Shield Series91354,000+
Ozark Trail121925,500+
Wenzel Klondike8983,000+
E-Z Up685.53,000+
Eureka! Copper Canyon121685,000+
A table to illustrate the minimum recommended BTU’s for each tent on the list above.

For example, the Editor’s Choice Bushnell Shield Series 9 person is 135 square feet. 135 x 25 = 3,375. We would round up to 3,500-4,000 in this case, although getting a unit with more won’t be a problem. This is simply the minimum, and we would always prefer to have more than necessary instead of struggle to cool the tent down.

The massive Ozark Trail is 192 square feet. 192 x 25 = 4,800. You can see how the increase in space greatly increased your BTU requirement.

Quality & Price

The quality of a camping tent and its materials is going to be one of the biggest factors in how long the tent will last. If you camp frequently and want your tent to last more than a season or two, it’s worth spending a little more money initially so you don’t have to replace your tent as frequently. Our list above has a wide range of quality with everything from the simple and affordable Wenzel Klondike to the luxurious and expensive Zempire EVO.

The biggest downside of all the tents with AC ports is their quality. Even our Editor’s Choice Bushnell doesn’t list a waterhead rating and says their fabrics are water resistant, not waterproof. The Ozark Trail is even less weather resistant and the Wenzel is not intended for exposure to rain at all.

If you only camp in ideal conditions, this may not be an issue. But if you camp rain or shine, then spending less money may mean you have to apply some waterproofing spray and seam sealer yourself.

Find more summer camping tents: Best Blackout Tents

If you are extremely budget-conscious and opt for the affordable Wenzel Klondike, know that it needs special care when it comes to wet weather.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend a bit more money and use a portable AC unit instead, the Eureka! Copper Canyon has some great weather resistance and is considered waterproof with its 1200mm waterhead rating. Plus, it’s not that much more expensive.

If you want to take weather resistance to a whole new planet, then the Zempire EVO easily has the best features but it’s also the most expensive by a long shot.

All this taken into consideration, the Editor’s Choice Bushnell is easily the best option for an air conditioned tent that has a true AC port. It balances price with a decent enough quality that it will work for most casual campers.


Know that the recommended capacity for camping tents is based on how many people it will sleep in extremely close quarters shoulder to shoulder. As a good rule of thumb, you should subtract at least two from that number. When you’re getting into these massive tents that prioritize extra space, you could subtract even more.

You can also calculate space based on the square footage of the tent, which we explain more in depth in this article: Camping Tent Size: How Much Space Do You Need?

How We Test, Reviewed, and Rated These Tents

We love outdoor gear, and we love recommending gear that adds value to our outdoor adventure. We know and understand the importance of having gear that’s worth every penny, so we thoroughly research and test every product we recommend. No matter how we procure an item, our goal is to remain as unbiased as possible, and we put it to the test against its competitors to find the best and worst features.

We also understand that each adventurer is different, and our favorite AC tent may not be yours. That’s why we rate and review a wide variety of products currently available, so you can see a breakdown of all the features and pick what’s best for you and your situation. We don’t recommend anything we wouldn’t personally use, so whether you’re looking for highest quality, an affordable price, superior weather resistance, a certain brand, or any other desirable feature, there’s sure to be a camping tent with an air conditioner port on our list that’s perfect for you.


We hope this comprehensive list and guide helps you to understand everything there is to know about AC compatible tents, that way you can make an educated decision on which one is best for you and your situation. Whether you select the Editor’s Choice Bushnell Shield Series or any of the other options on this list, we wish you many awesome camping trips to come.

Our #1 Recommendation: Bushnell Shield Series Instant Tent

With two tent AC ports, heat technology reflective materials, and lots of interior space, this Bushnell Shield Series tent is our #1 choice for best tent with AC port. Read the full review above.

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