Best Tent Stakes for High Winds in 2023

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Part of camping is being at the mercy of the elements, and they don’t always fall in your favor. Whether you’re weathering through a storm front, are pitched on an exposed area, or are just camping somewhere that’s generally windy (like a beach), you will be exposed to more wind than you’re probably used to. It’s a great idea to always carry proper tent stakes for the situation, which is why we’ve assembled the best tent stakes for high winds.

A windy day is not fun, but at least having some of the most basic but proper gear can make all the difference. Tent stakes that are made for windy weather and knowing how to use tent stakes properly can keep your shelter firmly in place and help eliminate some worry these conditions may cause.

3 Best Tent Stakes for High Winds

The best tent stakes for high winds are:




Neso Ground Screw Stakes

Recycled Polycarbonate


Editor’s Choice

Snow Peak Solid Stake 30

Forged Steel


MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes

7000-Series Aluminum


Editor’s Choice – Neso Ground Screw Stakes

Neso Ground Screw Stakes are the best choice for high winds. They are made of recycled materials in the USA and their patented design is specifically designed for windy days. With a screw length of 9.5 inches and a weight of 1.8 ounces, these ground screw stakes will keep your tent secure in the strongest of winds. Neso’s T-Grip Tool is also included in the package, making it easy to installation. Neso Ground Screw Stakes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best possible tent stake for high winds, as well as sandy terrain.


  • Made of recycled polycarbonate and made in the USA
  • Screw length: 9.5 in
  • Screw weight: 1.8 oz
  • Made of Recycled Polycarbonate
  • Package contents: 4 ground screw stakes + 1 clear T-Grip Tool


  • Made of recycled materials
  • Versatile for different conditions and terrain


  • Screw style stake takes more time to insert and remove

Snow Peak Solid Stake 30

Snow Peak’s Solid Stake 30 is hand-forged from S55C Steel, making it one of the strongest and best tent stakes for high winds. This mid-ranged forged steel stake is a foot long and ideal for holding down tents during the most adverse conditions in the toughest environments. Snow Peak has been making the world’s best camping gear for over 60 years, and their experience shows in this top-of-the-line product. The Solid Stake 30 is just one example of Snow Peak’s commitment to quality and durability, and is sure to keep your tent in place no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. With the long length of this tent stake, you might consider a tent stake hammer to make staking out your tent a little easier. This is also one of the best tent stakes for rocky ground too!


  • Hand-forged using S55C Steel
  • Perfect Stake for Adverse Conditions like high winds, rocky ground,
  • 12in long
  • Weight: 6oz


  • Longest stake on list
  • Most durable material – steel construction


  • Too heavy for backpacking

MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes

The MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes have a spiral design that is ideal for creating a solid anchor point in soft soil or for securing large shelters and tarps in a windy environment. Constructed of lightweight 7000-series aluminum, the Cyclone stake offers strength and holding power in all conditions. MSR Cyclone Tent Stakes are a great option for most conditions and are a great option for backpacking due to their lightweight design.


  • 7000-series Aluminum
  • Reflective pull loop allows for easy removal
  • Sold as a kit of 4 stakes
  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.2oz


  • Lightweight enough for backpacking
  • Versatile for different terrains


  • Lightweight aluminum not as strong as other stakes on this list

How Do You Secure a Tent in High Winds?

To secure a tent in high winds, begin by using the proper tent stakes for windy conditions, such as the Neso Ground Screw Stakes. You can give yourself additional protection by securing the tent’s guy lines to a nearby tree or post or by using the big-rock-little-rock technique. For more information read our post on How to Secure a Tent Without Stakes

If you frequently camp in high winds, then you might even consider getting a tent that is specially designed for high winds. Check out our article for the best tents for high winds here

Coupling a tent that is designed for high winds with these stakes for high winds can make a world of difference in how much wind you can comfortably camp in.

Can a Tent Withstand High Winds?

This depends on your tent and how windy it is. For most conditions, you can adequately secure your tent by using tent stakes made for windy conditions and combining those with securing your tent’s guy lines. When possible, choose a campsite that is less exposed or is protected by a natural barrier such as a rock wall or cliffside. Another way to secure your tent in high winds is by using more stakes than you normally would. For more information, you can check out this post: How Much Wind Can a Tent Withstand? Your Questions Answered


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