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Camping trips are associated with fun times, relaxation, and getting close to nature, but they can also be associated with stinky campers and nasty shared campground toilets. While we’ve been pretty fortunate in the past, it’s not always a given that you’ll enjoy the facilities the campground has to offer. Take your camping up a notch with a multi-use shower tent.

Shower tents can be used as a shower room, changing room, and/or even as a restroom when paired with a portable toilet setup. They’re essentially a tall tent that’s shaped like a shower stall, and they have mesh for air circulation, towel racks, shelves for toiletries, and sometimes even a built in floor. They’re perfect for those longer camping trips where you want some privacy to do your business or if you want to take a quick shower.

We’ve assembled the best shower tents currently on the market so you an pick the option that’s best for you. They’re all highly rated, and have different features with various setup times. Our Editor’s Choice best shower tent is the Caddis Rapid Privacy Tent, but all the other products on this list are great options as well. Whether you’re looking for something oversized and more spacious, quick to setup, a feature-rich product, or a simple pop-up, we’ve got you covered.

5 Best Shower Tents

These are our picks for the best shower tent and privacy shelter:

  • Editor’s Choice – Caddis Rapid Privacy Tent
  • Best Features – Zempire Pocket Rocket
  • Best Two Room – Caddis Rapid 2-Room
  • Best Compact – Kelty H2GO
  • Best Pop Up Shower Tent – WolfWise

Our #1 Recommendation: Caddis Rapid Privacy Tent




The Caddis Raid Privacy Tent is our favorite shower tent. Quick setup, durable materials, and fantastic quality are a few of the many reasons we love this privacy tent Full Review

Best Features: Zempire Pocket Rocket




The Zempire Pocket Rocket has everything you’d expect from a top quality shower tent with even more features and thoughtful additions that you didn’t know you needed. The price tag reflects the features, but we think it is well worth it Full Review

Best 2-Room Shower Tent: Caddis Rapid 2-Room




The same great construction and features as the 1 room Caddis Privacy tent, but with double the rooms and double the space. This would a great shower tent for families where more than one person might need to use it at the same time. Full Review

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Editor’s Choice – Caddis Rapid Privacy Tent

caddis rapid privacy tent review

This Caddis Rapid is our Editor’s Choice for best shower tent because it’s the most well-rounded outdoor shower tent with all the features you need for your next camping trip. The Rapid tent frame sets up in minutes, and the poles are made of steel so you can be sure this tent can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Plus, this stronger frame with a heavy duty ceiling hanger is perfect for holding a heavy solar shower bag or whatever setup you use.

There’s an attached floor, but it has a mesh section all around the edge so water easily drains without letting in bugs or critters. There’s also two mesh windows and a mesh roof for ventilation, all of which are weather protected using either a zipper closure or the included waterproof rain cover. Use the interior pockets to store your toiletries or as a toilet paper holder, and use the exterior towel bar to keep your clothes and towel dry.

This Caddis is versatile and can be used as a shower room, changing room, or for an outdoor camping toilet. It’s higher quality than most shower tents on the market and it would be a great addition to your camping gear.


  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 inches
  • Square Feet: 16
  • Height: 84 in.
  • Material: 190-denier polyester
  • Poles: steel
  • Weight: 15 lbs.


  • All the best features in a shower tent
  • Steel poles
  • Attached floor
  • Quick setup time


  • No removable floor

Best Features – Zempire Pocket Rocket

zempire pocket rocket review

Zempire is becoming our favorite go-to company for high quality camping gear, and we’ve selected their Pocket Rocket for this best shower tent list because it’s easily the most high quality and well-thought out privacy shelter we’ve seen. Although at first glance it may seem like a traditional outdoor shower tent, it has features that you won’t see in the other options on this list.

The Pocket Rocket portable camping shower tent uses a silver-coated fabric to reduce light transfer – this eliminates shadows you could see through the fabric and keeps the internal tent temperature cooler. It’s also treated to be UPF 50+ for sun protection, and has a 3000mm waterhead rating with included rain cover to keep moisture out.

On the inside, this shower tent has an internal waterproof panel that hangs over the towel hanger, so your towel rack is still accessible from the inside but is also protected from getting wet while you shower. There’s hanging storage shelves, as well as a hanging ring for a lantern and an attachment for a showerhead.

There’s even a clear PVC window with a “busy” sign that shows people outside when the tent is in use. It’s an oversized shower tent that measures 5.74ft. x 5.74ft., which is larger than any of the other single room shower tents on this list and has more than enough space for everything you could need. The included guylines let you stake out the shower tent for added stability, and the frame is strong enough to support a water bag from a portable shower.


  • Dimensions: 68.9 x 68.9 inches
  • Square Feet: 32
  • Height: 7ft. 6.5in.
  • Material: UPF 50+ polyester
  • Poles: fiberglass
  • Waterhead Rating: 3000mm
  • Weight: 13 lbs.


  • 2 year guarantee
  • Can’t see shadows through the fabric
  • Oversized shower tent
  • “Busy” sign on the front


  • No floor
  • Fiberglass poles

Best Two-Room Shower Tent – Caddis Rapid 2-Room

caddis rapid 2 room privacy tent review

Caddis is known for their rapid tents that require very little setup time, and this 2-room privacy shelter sets up in just a couple minutes. It’s a larger portable shower tent that measures 84 x 42 inches, with a max height of 7 feet. The poles are made of steel, so you can be sure that this unit can stay upright during wind and rain. There is an included rain cover, or you can leave it off during good weather and let heat and steam escape through the mesh roof and mesh windows.

Many shower tents are just one room, but because this shower tent features has two separate spaces, there’s more than enough room for there to be a changing room, shower room, and/or bathroom facility in one unit. Both sides of the shower tent are floored, and the shower compartment has a mesh layer around the floor to allow for water drainage. The steel frame construction provides enough support that you could hang a portable shower bag from the heavy-duty ceiling hanger, which isn’t necessarily something you will see in all camping shower tents.

There’s six interior and exterior storage pockets, and the removable towel rack can be placed inside or outside. It’s perfect for letting your towel dry in the fresh air or moving it inside for easy access while you change and shower. This spacious shower tent would be perfect for campers who wants lots of space and the flexibility of having two separate rooms.


  • Dimensions: 84 x 84 x 42 inches
  • Square Feet: 24.5
  • Height: 84 inches
  • Material: 190-denier polyester
  • Poles: steel
  • Weight: 18 lbs.


  • 2-Room privacy tent with plenty of space
  • Rapid frame sets up in just minutes
  • Steel frame perfect for supporting a portable shower


  • Dimensions are wide but not very deep

Best Compact – Kelty H2GO

kelty h2go review

Kelty always make affordable, yet high quality, outdoor gear that we love. Their H2GO is one of the best camping shower tents on the market, so we’ve selected it as our best affordable shower tent. It’s only 46 x 46 inches, so it’s perfect for smaller campsites and people who want something lightweight, portable, and affordable. Other shower tents take up lots of room, but this camping shower tent is the perfect size for small setups.

The roll-up floor has a built-in drain for when you use the unit as a shower tent, as well as an interior hook that can support a five gallon camping shower or an access port so you can hook up an external camp shower source. There’s also several interior pockets, a towel rack, and mesh vents with a mesh roof for ventilation. The steel poles are built to hold the weight of a heavy shower bag while also staying strong during windy weather conditions, and the oversized door provides easy access.


  • Dimensions: 46 x 46 inches
  • Square Feet: 14.7
  • Height: 86″ (7ft.)
  • Material: 68-denier polyester
  • Poles: steel
  • Weight: 13 lbs. 7oz.


  • Two color options
  • Best budget shower tent
  • Perfect for smaller campsites
  • Can roll up floor out of the way


  • Not very roomy

Best Pop Up Shower Tent – WolfWise

wolf wise pop up shower tent review

Just like our favorite pop-up tents for camping, pop up shower tents are quick and easy to setup and are great for a quick camping trip over the weekend. This WolfWise is our favorite pop up tent because its dark color (with silver lining) helps minimize the shadows you can see through the fabric. It also sets up in seconds, with no assembly required and no poles to worry about, although you can use the provided stakes for added stability in windy weather. It’s easily the most compact shower tent on this list because if folds up into a flat circle that measures 23.6 inches in diameter, and it weighs only 5.62 pounds.

The main issue with this WolfWise pop up shower tent is that it doesn’t have a removable floor mat and has very limited mesh for draining. Plus, the structure isn’t strong enough to support a shower system, so this privacy tent is better suited for people who don’t regularly shower on their camping trips, and instead just want a changing room for changing clothes and a portable toilet.


  • Dimensions: 47.24 x 47.24 inches
  • Squre Feet: 15.5
  • Height: 78.74″
  • Material: 190T polyester
  • Weight: 5.62 lbs.


  • Sets up in seconds
  • Lightweight tent
  • Mesh corners for draining water
  • Dark silver-lined fabric minimizes shadows


  • Can’t support weight of a shower bag

Thing to Consider When Choosing a Camping Shower Tent

There are a few things to take into consideration when shopping for the best shower tent for your next camping trip:

You don’t want to be able to see through the tent fabric, even if it’s just a shadow.


Shower tents are also called privacy tents, and they 100% need to be able to give you the privacy you need. That means not letting people see through the fabric of the tent, even if it’s just your shadow. Whichever tent you pick, make sure it’s a thicker fabric, which will decrease the likelihood of being seen through the fabric. Several of the best shower tents above even have a silver-coated fabric that blocks shadows even more, and this is an awesome feature.

Peak Height

We’ve purposely only included tents that have a generous max height, so don’t be fooled by smaller tents. An obvious required feature is that you need to be able to stand up straight, but you also need enough head room for your shower head or bag to hang above you. If you’ve ever showered in a tiny shower where the shower head was at eye level, you know how inconvenient that can be.


You’ll notice that we’ve included the square footage on each of the products above, and this is to give you an idea of the difference in space between the tents. While some are more compact and best for simple setups, others are quite large and would give you more space in your tent. This is personal preference and would also depend on the size of the campsites you typically use.

Pole Material

Poles are the main support structure in any tent, and they become even more important in shower tents where they need to support the weight of a solar shower bag. Anyone who has carried around one of those shower bags knows that they get heavy quickly, and it takes a strong tent frame to hold up the weight.

You should look for shower tents that actively advertise that they can support the weight of a shower bag, and it’s a bonus if the poles are made of steel. While fiberglass poles aren’t necessarily a deal-breaker, we would generally prefer steel so the frame would last longer and better withstand wear and tear.

While it’s possible to use a pump shower where the tent structure only needs to support the weight of the hose and shower head, we personally use a solar shower bag and a strong tent is of the utmost importance. Plus, solar shower bags are way more affordable than any pump shower, so take that into consideration when looking at perfecting your camping shower setup.

Keep in mind that while a pop up tent can be made of steel poles, the poles are meant to fold and bend for storage. Therefore, a pop up shower tent is best used as a privacy tent for a bathroom or changing, but isn’t ideal for showering. Don’t let the pole material fool you into thinking it could support the weight of a shower bag.

Mesh for Ventilation

An outdoor shower tent greatly benefits from mesh, whether that’s on the roof, walls, or even on the floor. Upper mesh promotes ventilation in your camp shower, which is essential on camping trips, especially in the summertime. It keeps the inside of your tent from becoming musty, and helps promote drying for better storage post-camping-trip. Always make sure your tent is dry before packing it up so it doesn’t get moldy.

Pockets & Shelves

Part of showering is that you’ll have toiletries, so you’ll need storage shelves, as well as a place to hang your towel where it won’t get wet. The optimal shower tent will also have a hook or some type of support, whether you’re using a shower bag or a shower head with pump. If you plan on using the tent as a restroom, it’s always helpful for it to have a lantern hook for nighttime trips to the toilet.

Tent Floor

The floor on a shower tent is personal preference, so you should think about what kind of design you want in your ideal shower tent. Some shower tents, like the Zempire above, do not come with a shower floor. This gives you less things you need to clean, but it also leaves your feet exposed to bugs, dirt, grass, and sticks. You could put down a wooden shower mat or small tarp and some would argue that it would last longer and drain better than any polyester tent floor.

Some tents have an attached floor, which is what most people do seem to prefer. Most of the options on our Best Shower Tent List above do have this built-in floor, and we really like seeing a mesh outer layer connected to it. This allows for water to drain without letting in bugs. On the downside, the life of the tent itself may outlast the floor, which is harder to replace than if you had used your own flooring.


Which shower tent is the best?

The best shower tent is the Caddis Rapid Privacy Shelter, which perfectly balances features and quality while still being affordable. We’ve also selected some other awesome products so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Is a shower tent worth it?

A shower tent can be worth every penny if you frequently camp for longer durations where you would like the option to shower, or even if you just want your own bathroom setup. They also work great as a changing room if you’re camping with larger groups that offer little privacy.

Can a shower tent hold a shower bag?

Some shower tents can hold a shower bag, but not all can. Make sure you’re looking for something with a sturdy frame, like the first four options on this list. Most of the time, the manufacturer will say if the shower tent can support a shower bag or not.


Ultimately, the best camping shower tent and changing room is the one on this list that best fits your needs. While we would personally choose the Caddis Rapid single room, all the products above are great options depending on your situation. The Zempire offers cool features, the Caddis 2-room has lots of space, the Kelty H2GO is the best budget option, and the WolfWise pop up design is quick to set up. Whichever shower tent you pick, just make sure you take into consideration privacy, peak height, and some other factors from above, so you can end up with a product you love.

While the affordability and simplicity of some pop up tents may be tempting, we would recommend using one if you only plan on using it as a bathroom and changing room, as it just doesn’t have the features and stability to compete with one of the more traditional shower tent designs.

NOTE: if you are going to shower in nature, make sure you’re disposing of your grey water properly. If you are just going to let your water run into the nearby soil, make sure you’re using a biodegradable soap like this one.

Our #1 Recommendation: Caddis Rapid Camping Shower Tent

With a thick fabric that eliminates shadows, steel poles for a sturdy frame, and an attached floor, the Caddis Rapid portable shower tent is our top pick for the best shower tent.

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