Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet: ULTIMATE Comfort in 2023

By: Ashley Vitiello | Last Updated on December 22, 2023

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In a rush? With a comfort-focused design for wide feet, and features like sticky rubber grips that enhance your hooking capability, these Gomi (Wide Fit) Climbing Shoes by Butora might just turn you into the climbing superhero you’ve always dreamed of becoming. It’s not just a climbing shoe, it’s your wide-footed passport to unexplored heights.

We understand that this may not be everyone’s top pick, so we’ve also assembled our other favorite options below – that way you can pick the perfect climbing shoes for wide feet that best fit your wider feet.

When I was on the hunt for a pair of climbing shoes for wide feet, I was taken aback by other websites that were suggesting climbing shoes that weren’t even designed for the wide-footed climber. That’s why I set out on a journey to find and test the best of the best, and I’ve created a list of climbing shoes that are specifically built for climbers with wide feet like myself. Every single shoe on this list would be a great option – you just have to pick the right pair for you and your climbing style!


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6 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks for Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet
Gomi (Wide Fit) Climbing Shoe by Butora
  • Engineered for wide feet
  • Sticky rubber for control
  • Unisex, high-performance design
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Skwama Climbing Shoes by La Sportiva
  • Superior sensitivity for steep terrain
  • Generous toe box and quick adjustability
  • S-heel and rubber toe for secure hooks
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Shaman Climbing Shoes by evolv
  • "Love Bump" for precise power
  • "Knuckle Box" for toe comfort
  • Wide-fit and three-strap adjustability
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Veloce Climbing Shoes by Scarpa
  • Designed for wide feet
  • Ideal for indoor climbing
  • Softer for wall connection
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Endeavor (Wide Fit) by Butora
  • 3D molded midsole for control
  • Triple fork webbing for custom fit
  • Ideal for diverse climbing types
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Geshido Climbing Shoes by Evolv
  • Versatile for all climbing types
  • Adjustable closure for custom fit
  • Balanced design for wide feet
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Editor’s Choice – Gomi (Wide Fit) Climbing Shoe by Butora

best climbing shoes for wide feet

The Butora Gomi (Wide Fit) Climbing Shoes are like a superhero upgrade for your climbing game – they’re designed for wide feet and are perfect for steep sport climbs and bouldering. They fit like a glove, are softer than most aggressive models, and the sticky rubber toe grip and heel cup make you feel like you’re walking up the wall. These climbing shoes for wide feet will take your climbing to the next level, making challenging maneuvers feel like a walk in the park.

If I had to pick a favorite climbing shoe for wide feet, hands down, it’d be the Butora Gomi (Wide Fit) Climbing Shoes. These climbing shoes for wide feet are a game-changer, especially for you folks tackling steep sport climbs or crushing bouldering problems.

First off, let’s talk about the design. You know those aggressive climbing shoes that feel like they’re wrestling your feet into submission? The Gomi is nothing like that. In fact, it’s softer than most aggressive models, so your feet will feel more like they’re getting a warm hug than a wrestling match. Since they’re designed to accommodate wider feet, you won’t have to worry about discomfort or restriction in your movements – these shoes will move with you, enhancing your performance rather than hindering it.

That’s not to say the Gomi compromises on performance. These shoes are all about delivering power and precision. They provide an excellent combination of power and flexibility, helping you to get the most out of each climb.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The sticky rubber toe grip and heel cup are going to make you feel like Spider-Man. Heel and toe hooking, which is often a bit of a challenge, suddenly feels much more doable. Trust me, whether you’re trying to master complex maneuvers or just looking for a bit of extra stability on a tricky route, these features will make a significant difference.

And guess what? They’re unisex, which makes them a fantastic choice for climbers of all genders. The wide fit ensures that those with larger feet are well catered for, providing a comfortable, snug fit that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

In short, the Gomi is a top choice for wide-footed climbers. Its thoughtful design and innovative features make it an excellent choice for those seeking to push their climbing to new levels. Give it a try and experience the difference for yourself!

“For people with wider feet and long toes, these are the climbing shoes for you.” -Climber in Seattle, WA


  • Best Use: Sport climbing and bouldering
  • Shoe Type: Aggressive shoe
  • Upper Material: Suede/leather
  • Lining: Microfiber
  • Outsole: Butora NEO Fuse Rubber
  • Closure Type: Velcro Strap
  • Weight (per pair): 1 lb.
  • Can be Resoled? Yes


  • Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet: The Gomi is designed specifically with a wider fit using a wide toe box.
  • Ideal for Advanced Climbing: The shoe excels in steep sport climbing and bouldering situations, providing superior performance when tackling more challenging ascents.
  • Unique Grip Design: The sticky rubber toe grip and heel cup make complex maneuvers like toe hooks a breeze, enhancing stability and boosting confidence on the rock surface.


  • Not for Beginners: Due to its design and aggressive nature, the Butora Gomi is a bit of an overkill for a beginner shoe

Ready to put on up your new Gomi shoes? Click below to check out the current price and get your pair.

Most Sensitive – Skwama Climbing Shoes by La Sportiva

The Skwama Climbing Shoes by La Sportiva are your secret ally in taking on steep and overhanging terrains. With top-notch sensitivity, a secure fit, and unique features like the s-heel construction, these shoes will have you feeling connected and locked in to the rock face like never before.

Taking the number two spot on our list is the Skwama La Sportiva Shoes. If you’ve been seeking that ideal blend of sensitivity and security in a climbing shoe, your search might just end here. While the this shoe isn’t specifically labeled for wide feet, they do offer a generous toe box area, which provides the extra room that wide-footed climbers need.

The Skwama excels in handling steep and overhanging terrain. But it’s not just about being able to cling to the rock face; it’s about really feeling it. With these shoes, your feet will have an enhanced level of sensitivity that’s paramount in such challenging climbs. You’ll feel more in tune with the rock, allowing you to navigate it like a pro.

One of the key elements that contribute to this heightened sensitivity is the cutout in the soft midsole. This clever design feature increases articulation and sensitivity, making the shoe respond more accurately to your foot’s movements and the rock’s shape. The result? A better connection with the climb and improved performance.

Plus, the Skwama utilizes a single hook and loop closure. It’s simple, sure, but it’s also effective. It allows for quick and easy adjustments, so you can ensure your shoes are snug and secure for the climb ahead. Furthermore, the single hook and loop closure system allows for some degree of adjustability in the fit, accommodating a range of foot widths.

Lastly, these shoes feature a rubber toe pad that’s ideal for toe hooks. When you’re clinging to an overhang, you’ll appreciate this small but crucial feature. This also means you can power through those challenging climbs without worrying about your shoe’s stability.

In comparison to other popular options like the Evolv Shaman, the Skwama offers superior sensitivity. So if that’s a priority for you (and it should be), this shoe deserves a spot in your rock climbing arsenal.

P.S. – This shoe is also available in a Vegan version for both men and women.

P.S.S. – Even though there is a women’s version of this shoe, it’s created with a lower volume and a smaller design. If you’re a female climber with wide feet, we recommend trying the men’s version.


  • Best Use: Steep and overhanging terrain
  • Shoe Type: Aggressive shoe
  • Lining: Unlined
  • Outsole: Leather/microfiber
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop
  • Weight (per pair): 15 oz.
  • Can be Resoled? Yes


  • Exceptional Sensitivity: The Skwama’s design provides climbers with a keen sense of the rock face and improving performance.
  • Effective Closure System: The single hook and loop closure is simple to adjust and provides a secure fit.
  • Rubber Toe Pad: The rubber toe pad improves grip, making it ideal for tricky maneuvers such as toe and heel hooks.
  • Good for Wide Feet: While not specifically for wide feet, the spacious toe box and adjustable fit make it a suitable option for wide-footed climbers.


  • Not Specifically for Wide Feet: Although it can accommodate wider feet, the Skwama is not specifically designed for this, and some climbers with particularly wide feet may still find the fit a bit tight.

Ready to give the La Sportiva Skwama Climbing Shoes a whirl? Click below to check out the current price and secure your pair.

Designed by a Pro – Shaman Climbing Shoes by evolv

The Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes are all about control and precision. Crafted by pro climber Chris Sharma, they feature an innovative design to enhance your performance on challenging routes and problems, plus they’re surprisingly accommodating for climbers with wide feet.

Stepping onto the podium at number three, we have the Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes. These shoes are no ordinary pair; they’ve been crafted with guidance from none other than professional, avid rock climber Chris Sharma. So you can expect some serious performance upgrades that cater to the needs of ambitious climbers.

The Evolv Shaman shines when it comes to control and precision, thanks to its standout features. They boast a “Love Bump” in the midsole that fills dead space under your toe. What does that mean for you? Improved precision and power when you’re making those tricky maneuvers. This feature is often the most loved part of this entire design.

Then there’s the “Knuckle Box” that creates a roomier space for your big toe. This allows for a more natural, un-cramped position, which translates into better performance and more comfortable climbs. It’s a seemingly simple tweak, but one that makes a world of difference on the rock face.

These shoes are also quite accommodating for climbers with wide feet. The design includes a broad front and a three-strap closure system, offering adjustability and a comfortable fit for a variety of foot widths. The result is a shoe that caters to the unique needs of wide-footed climbers without compromising on performance features.

One more point worth noting is the Shaman’s downturned shape. This gives them an aggressive profile, ideal for tackling overhangs and steep climbs that require intricate footwork. Whether you’re projecting a difficult route or pushing your limits in a bouldering gym, the Evolv Shaman is a dependable partner.

P.S. – this climbing shoe is also available in lace up version. Although there is a women’s version, it’s considered low-volume (LV) so it’s best to stick with the men’s climbing shoe if you have wide feet.

“If you’re looking for a pair with medium to wide feet with a small heel cup. Look no further.” -Climber in Milwaukee


  • Best Use: Steep and challenging routes & problems
  • Climbing Shoe Type: Aggressive
  • Last: Slip-lasted
  • Lining: Synthetic Suede
  • Upper: Synthetic lux microsuede
  • Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX high-friction rubber
  • Closure Type: Velcro Strap (or laces)
  • Weight (per pair): 1 lb. 4.8 oz.
  • Can be Resoled? Yes


  • Pro-Climber Design: With the input from pro climber Chris Sharma, these shoes boast a design that caters specifically to the needs of dedicated climbers.
  • Love Bump Feature: The “Love Bump” midsole fills in dead space under the toe, improving precision and power during climbs.
  • Knuckle Box Design: The “Knuckle Box” provides extra space for your big toe, enhancing comfort and performance.
  • Broad Front and Three-Strap Closure: The toe box design accommodates wide feet well, and the three-strap closure allows for an adjustable and secure fit.
  • Great Bouldering Shoes.


  • Comfort Over Long Periods: While the Shaman is great for intense rock climbing sessions, some climbers find them to be less comfortable climbing shoes for extended wear due to their aggressive design.

Interested in taking your rock climbing game to the next level? Check out the Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoes today.

For Long Sessions – Veloce Climbing Shoes by Scarpa

The Veloce Climbing Shoes by Scarpa bring a new level of comfort to climbing, designed with wide-footed climbers in mind. A relaxed fit and square-shaped toe box add to their appeal, making them ideal for longer indoor sessions.

Coming in at number four, we’re delighted to introduce the Scarpa Veloce Climbing Shoes. Specifically designed for wider feet, these shoes offer a relaxed fit, ensuring comfort for extended climbs. So if you’ve been struggling with ill-fitting shoes that hinder your rock climbing performance, the Scarpa Veloce might just be your perfect match.

According to Scarpa’s Climbing Shoes Chart (see chart here), these shoes have the best volume and shape for wide feet. They have a more relaxed fit, higher volume, and a square-shaped toe for comfort (as compared to a pointed tow and lower volume). This provides extra room for your digits, making them great for prolonged use, especially indoors. Say goodbye to those painful post-climbing moments when you finally get to free your feet!

The Scarpa Veloce is particularly well-suited to indoor rock climbing. Its design characteristics, which favor comfort and extended wear, make it an excellent choice for long sessions at the rock climbing gym. While they perform well on the rock, their real strength lies in the controlled environment of the gym. This means you can push your limits without worrying about your feet.

While we’re on the subject of pushing limits, it’s worth mentioning that these shoes are on the softer side. This allows them to conform to your foot shape beautifully, enhancing your connection to the wall. However, this does come with a trade-off. The Scarpa Veloce might not be the most durable option out there. The softness that makes them so comfortable can also make them a bit more prone to wear and tear. But as long as you take good care of them and use them as intended, they’ll serve you well. If you are concerned about durability, the next recommendation for this product line would be the Scarpa Instinct.


  • Best Use: Indoor climbing and prolonged wear
  • Climbing Shoe Type: Aggressive
  • Lining: None
  • Upper: Synthetic Leather
  • Outsole: Vibram XS Edge Rubber
  • Closure Type: Velcro Strap
  • Weight (per pair): 1 lb. 0.5 oz.
  • Can be Resoled? Yes


  • Wide Foot Design: The Scarpa Veloce Climbing Shoes are designed specifically for wide-footed climbers, accommodating their needs well.
  • Indoor Rock Climbing Specialty: They shine particularly in indoor settings, making them great for long gym sessions.
  • Softer Shoe: The softness of the shoes allows them to conform well to foot shape, enhancing climber’s connection to the wall.
  • High Volume: They have higher volume, catering perfectly to climbers with larger or wider feet.


  • Durability: The trade-off for the softer climbing shoe that conforms well to your foot is a bit less durability. With more care, they will hold up, but expect to replace them more often than sturdier options.

So, are you ready to experience the comfort of the Scarpa Veloce Climbing Shoes? Check them out and make your next climb the best one yet.

Most Versatile – Endeavor (Wide Fit) by Butora

The Butora Endeavor (Wide Fit) Climbing Shoes combine comfort and performance, offering a custom fit with their unique webbing system, and superior control with their 3D molded midsole. Perfect for climbers looking for precision, power, and a wider fit.

We’re now at number five, and these shoes promise both performance and comfort, making them a top pick for climbers of all types, especially those with wider feet. Their neutral downturn makes them ideal for beginner and intermediate climbers.

They are great for everything from gym climbing and bouldering to sport climbing and even some traditional climbing. The precision and edging capabilities of these shoes also make them excellent for tackling more technical climbs where footwork is key. Their comfort and wider fit make them ideal for longer rock climbing sessions as well.

Aiming for that challenging climb? The Endeavor is there to support you. It boasts a 3D injection molded ABS midsole that delivers precision, superior edging, and torsion rigidity. That means you get power and control, right where you want it.

But it’s not just about performance, the Endeavor makes sure you stay comfortable too. Its slightly asymmetrical toe shape follows the natural line of the foot, reducing discomfort during prolonged wear. Plus, its high-volume fit ensures there’s ample room for those with wider feet.

The Endeavor’s unique triple fork webbing system guarantees a custom fit, making these shoes feel like they were made just for you. Pair that with a split leather footbed and you’re in for an exceptionally comfortable and performance-ready shoe.

And let’s not forget the organic hemp lining – a fantastic feature that manages stretch and helps control odor. This feature, combined with their sticky rubber sole, means you get a shoe that’s as reliable as it is comfortable.


  • Best Use: Beginner and intermediate climbers & a wide variety of rock climbing types
  • Climbing Shoe Type: Neutral shoe
  • Lining: 100% Organic Hemp
  • Outsole: Suede/Leather
  • Closure Type: Velcro Strap
  • Weight (per pair): 1lb. 16oz.
  • Can be Resoled? Yes


  • All-Round Performance: The Butora Endeavor (Wide Fit) offers a balance of power, precision, and comfort, making it a versatile rock climbing shoe for various types of climbs.
  • Custom Fit: The unique triple fork webbing system provides a tailored fit for individual foot shapes.
  • Comfort for Wide Feet: A slightly asymmetrical toe shape and high volume fit accommodates wider feet without compromising comfort.
  • Quality Material: The organic hemp lining and split leather footbed not only add to the shoe’s comfort, but also helps manage stretch and control odor.


  • Break-In Period: Some users have noted a break-in period is required to feel the full comfort and performance benefits of the shoe.

The only question left is, are you ready to embark on your next climb with the Butora Endeavor? Click below and get your pair today.

Good, But Not As Great – Geshido Climbing Shoes by Evolv

The Geshido Climbing Shoes by Evolv deliver exceptional performance and versatility for all climbing types. Engineered with a balanced design and a highly adjustable closure system, these shoes take performance, precision, and fit to new heights.

Rounding off our list at number six are the Evolv Geshido Climbing Shoes. Known for their outstanding performance and versatility, these shoes are a solid choice for any climber – especially those with wider feet.

The Geshido excels in a variety of rock climbing situations. Whether you’re tackling an intricate boulder problem, a challenging sport route, or a multi-pitch trad climb, these shoes deliver the precision and control you need. They’re a reliable partner on the wall, giving you the confidence to push your limits.

One of the Geshido’s standout features is its highly adjustable closure system. This allows for a precise, customized fit that adapts to your unique foot shape – a definite plus for climbers with wider feet. The comfort and support it provides means you can stay on the wall for longer without compromising on performance.

While the Evolv Geshido Climbing Shoes certainly have their merits, they might not quite stack up to the stellar performance of the other shoes on our list. Yes, they’re versatile, designed to adapt to a range of rock climbing styles, but there isn’t much than stands out about them when compared to the other options above. It really just comes down to personal preference with these shoes.


  • Climbing Shoe Type: Moderate
  • Upper: Synthratek VX Synthetic
  • Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX SAS
  • Closure Type: Velcro Shoe Strap
  • Weight (per pair): 1 lb. 2 oz.
  • Can be Resoled? Yes


  • Versatile Performance: The Evolv Geshido Climbing Shoes perform well in a variety of rock climbing situations, from bouldering to sport and trad climbing.
  • Adjustable Lace-Up System: This feature allows for a highly customizable fit, accommodating different foot shapes and sizes, particularly wider feet.
  • Quality Construction: The shoes are made from a mix of synthetic and leather materials for a blend of comfort, breathability, and durability.


  • Fit May Vary: Some users have reported that the sizing can be a bit off, and finding the perfect fit might require some trial and error.

How We Tested, Reviewed, And Rated These Wide Climbing Shoes

We love outdoor gear, and we love recommending gear that adds value to our outdoor adventure. We know and understand the importance of having gear that’s worth every penny, so we thoroughly research and test every product we recommend. No matter how we procure an item, our goal is to remain as unbiased as possible, and we put it to the test against its competitors to find the best and worst features.

We also understand that each adventurer is different, and our favorite climbing shoes may not be yours. That’s why we rate and review a wide variety of products currently available, so you can see a breakdown of all the features and pick what’s best for you and your situation.

Comparison Table

This comparison table takes some of the most important specifications from each tent on our list and puts it into an easy to read format so you can directly compare each one to its competitors. You can see that we’ve included price, weight, square footage, peak height, materials, and user reviews.

Climbing Shoe ModelClimbing Shoe BrandPriceRock Climbing Shoe TypeType of Rock ClimbingProsConsFavorite Use
Gomi (Wide Fit)Botura$$AggressiveSport Climbing and Bouldering– Ideal for advanced rock climbing
– Unique grip design aids in more complex maneuvers
– Unisex fit
– Not for beginnersBest All Around
SkwamaLa Sportiva$$$AggressiveSteep and Overhanging Terrain– Exceptional sensitivity
– Adjustable closure system
– Rubber toe pad
– Good for wide feet
– Not specifically designed for wide feetMost Sensitive
Shamanevolv$$$AggressiveSteep and challenging routes & problems– Designed by a professional climber for climbers
– Knuckle Box provides extra space for your big toe
– Strap closure accommodates wide feet well
– Not comfortable over long periodsDesigned by a Pro
VeloceScarpa$$ModerateIndoors & Prolonged Use– Perfect for long indoor gym sessions
– Softer Climbing Shoe conforms to your foot
– High volume with a wider toe box
– Decreased durabiliyFor Long Sessions
Endeavour (Wide Fit)Botura$NeutralAll Around Performance for beginner and intermediate climbers– Great all around performance
– Comfortable for wide feet
– Hemp lining helps with odor and moisture control
– Longer break in periodMost Versatile
Geshidoevolv$ModerateVersatile for a wide range of climbing– Versatile performance
– Moderate shape accommodates different rock climbing styles
– May take some trial and error to find the perfect fitGood, But Not as Great as the Others
A table comparing each climbing shoe for wide feet and its price, climbing shoe type, type of climbing, pros, cons, and favorite use.

Thing to Consider When Choosing a Wide Climbing Shoe

When shopping for the best climbing shoes for wide feet, especially wide ones, you must take into consideration climbing shoe material, best use and type of shoe, and the closure system used.

Shoe Material

When looking for the best climbing shoes for wide feet, the materials used in the construction of the climbing shoe should be a primary concern. The upper part of the shoe, which covers the top of the foot, can be made of leather or synthetic material.

Leather shoes generally offer a better fit and superior comfort as they stretch and mold to the shape of your foot over time. They are ideal for wide-footed climbers as they adapt to the unique contours of your feet. Synthetic leather shoes, on the other hand, maintain their shape better and are more resistant to environmental conditions, but they might not be as comfortable or accommodating for wider feet.

If you’re a wide-footed vegan, several of the shoes above offer Vegan versions that don’t use animal products.

Best Use & Type of Shoe

The degree of a shoe’s downturn, which refers to the curve from heel to toe, is a crucial factor to consider when picking out climbing shoes for wide feet, particularly for wide-footed climbers. The shape of the downturn classifies rock climbing shoes as neutral, moderate, or aggressive, each suited to different types of climbing.

The degree of downturn affects the shoe’s performance and comfort, so understanding your climbing style and the specific needs of your wide feet will help guide you to the most suitable climbing shoe type.


Neutral shoes have a relatively flat feet profile and provide a relaxed and comfortable fit, making them excellent for long multi-pitch routes or for beginner climbers. The shape of climbing shoes fit wide feet well, and the comfortable design allows for extended wear. These are typically your go-to for trad climbing or long days on multi-pitch routes where comfort is key.

There’s only one climbing shoe on this list above that has a neutral profile, and that’s the Endeavour (Wide Fit) by Botura. It’s best for prolonged use for both indoor and outdoor climbing, as well as long indoor climbing sessions.


Moderate climbing shoes for wide feet feature a slight downturn and provide a balance between comfort and technical performance. They are versatile, suitable for a variety of climbing styles including sport climbing, crack climbing, and technical face climbing. Moderate shoes can cater to wide feet, but it’s essential to ensure they don’t pinch or constrict your foot, as the design is a bit more precise than neutral climbing shoes for wide feet.

There are two moderate climbing shoes for wide feet on the list above, the Veloce by Scarpa and the Geshido by evolv. They are a more versatile rock climbing shoe that can be used in a wide variety of climbing types and difficulties.


Aggressive climbing shoes have a significant downturn and are designed for challenging, overhanging routes that require precision footwork. They’re the top pick for high-level bouldering and sport climbing, where precise toe hooks and heel hooks are common. While they’re designed for performance over comfort, there are models available that cater to climbers with wide feet.

The first three climbing shoes for wide feet on this list are all an aggressive climbing shoe: Botura Gomi (Wide Fit), La Sportiva Skwama, and the evovl Shaman. They are all built for intense climbing that requires precise footwork, but in exchange offer less space inside the shoe. These climbing shoes have more space for wide-footed climbers than other competitors, but you should still consider upsizing for a more snug and comfortable fit.

Closure System

The closure system of a rock climbing shoe plays a pivotal role in how snugly the shoe fits, how quickly it can be put on or taken off, and how well it can adapt to the specific width of your feet. On our list above, all the rock climbing shoes for wide feet employ Velcro straps, with one alternative laced option – the Evolv Shaman.

For climbers with wide feet, Velcro straps can be a game-changer. Here’s why:

Versatile Adjustability: Velcro straps offer quick and easy adjustability, a crucial feature for wide-footed climbers. They can be fastened to accommodate different foot widths, so whether your feet are uniformly wide, or if your width is primarily in the toe box or midfoot, Velcro closures can adapt to your unique shape.

Easy On and Off: For boulderers and gym climbers who frequently take their climbing shoes off between climbs, the speed and ease of Velcro straps are unbeatable. No fiddling with knots or threading laces through tiny eyelets, just rip open and secure closed in a flash. This ease of use can be a boon during long climbing sessions when your feet need frequent breaks.

Comfort Balance: With Velcro straps, you can adjust the tightness of your rock climbing shoes for wide feet to find that sweet spot between comfort and performance, which is especially crucial for wide-footed climbers. Too tight, and you risk pain or numbness; too loose, and you might sacrifice precision. A Velcro strap offers a convenient way to strike the right balance.

The laced version of the Evolv Shaman is also a great option if climbers prefer a more customized fit and don’t mind spending a bit more time with their rock climbing shoe adjustments. But for the versatility, ease, and comfort balance, Velcro straps tend to be a winning choice for climbers with wide feet.


Which wide climbing shoe is best for bouldering?

For bouldering shoes, the Butora Gomi Wide Fit rock climbing shoes are our top pick. They are designed for steep sport climbing and bouldering, providing excellent grip with their sticky rubber toe and heel cup, which are perfect toe hooking and optimal heel hooking maneuverability.

What are the best climbing shoe brands for wide feet?

Butora, La Sportiva, Evolv, and Scarpa are some of the best climbing shoe brands for wide feet. These brands have specific models designed to accommodate wider feet without compromising on performance, such as the Butora Gomi Wide Fit and Endeavor Wide Fit, the La Sportiva Skwama, the Evolv Shaman, and the Scarpa Veloce.

What are the best climbing shoes for women with wide feet?

All of our top picks are unisex or have women’s versions, making them suitable for women with wide feet. The Butora Gomi Wide Fit and Butora Endeavor Wide Fit are both excellent choices, as they have a wide fit model that accommodates both men and women. Female rock climbing shoes run narrower than the male version, so simply switching to men’s is the most effective way to find a wider climbing shoe.

Is Scarpa good for wide feet?

Yes, Scarpa makes excellent rock climbing shoes for wide feet. Their Veloce model, in particular, is known for its relaxed fit, higher volume, and a square-shaped, roomy toe box that comfortably accommodates wider feet.

Do climbing shoes stretch in width?

Rock climbing shoes can stretch slightly in width, but not dramatically. The amount of stretch largely depends on the shoe material of the shoe. Leather shoes tend to stretch more than synthetic ones, with unlined leather stretching the most. However, for wide-footed climbers, it’s essential to find rock climbing shoes specifically designed for wide feet instead of relying on the rock climbing shoe to stretch to fit.


Rock climbing shoes are a fundamental part of your kit, and when you’re blessed with wider feet, getting the right climbing shoe can mean the difference between feeling discomfort or reaching new heights. Our top picks in this guide, ranging from the Butora Gomi Wide Fit to the Evolv Geshido, offer excellent performance, fit, and comfort for wide feet.

Whether you’re a bouldering newbie or a seasoned sport climber, remember the importance of a shoe’s materials, its intended use, and the type of closure system when making your selection. Ultimately, the best climbing shoe for wide feet is the one that feels like a natural extension of your own foot, empowering you to push your limits and conquer the walls with confidence.

So now that you’re equipped with the knowledge, it’s time to pick your perfect pair and hit the rocks. The climb awaits, and with the best rock climbing shoes for you on your feet, there’s no limit to where your climbing adventure can take you. Climb on!

Our #1 Recommendation: Gomi (Wide Fit) Climbing Shoes by Butora

The Butora Gomi Rock Climbing Shoes for wide feet snag the Editor’s Choice title for their exceptional comfort, performance, and innovative design that caters to those with wide feet. Their unique grip features and prowess in tackling advanced climbing scenarios make them a superior option for ambitious climbers seeking to conquer new heights. Read our full review above.

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We are not journalists from a magazine telling someone else’s stories from behind a computer. We are the ACTUAL outdoorsmen that those people write about. 

We are not a “gear lab” that runs tests on gear in life-like conditions. We are the seasoned, “trial-by-fire” experts who have taken the gear into the wilderness and USED IT. Read about our gear testing process here

We started Know Nothing Nomads to share our passion and expertise with our readers to inspire, educate, and enable you to explore the outdoors in the way that we have. And you will be more equipped and capable than ever before with the knowledge you gain here guiding you along the way.

And the best part? We are real people that LOVE our readers and this community. If you need anything or have a question about any of the things we have to write about, just reach out. Normally, one of us can respond within 24 hours, sometimes within minutes. THAT is the approachable expert.

You should also know that advertising does not influence our gear reviews in any way, shape, or form, and it never will.

While we always focus our attention on gear that stands out to us—sometimes we discover that things aren’t up to our standards. This is exactly why we will always talk about the downfalls and compromises that we find while we are testing anything (If we find any).

About The Author

Ashley is an adventurous soul who loves all things nature, especially warm sunshine, wildflowers, scenic snacking, and mushrooms. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast who has spent years enjoying time outside doing things like hiking, camping, and rock climbing.
Her goal with Know Nothing Nomads is to make these hobbies easily accessible through knowledgeable content and how-to's based on all the stuff she's learned on her journey. If she isn't writing an article, she's probably in a forest looking at big mountain views and tiny pieces of moss on the side of the trail.

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We are Derek and Ashley of Know Nothing Nomads. Whether it is hiking, camping, or just generally being outside, we love it. We are so happy that you have found our little blog and hope that you stick around a while. Feel free to contact us with any questions or get in touch with us on social media!


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