Derek Vitiello – Co-Founder

Hi guys! I’m Derek – a lifelong camper, hiker, and climber, born in Dallas, Texas.

I spent my childhood years in an RV with my parents, running around, camping under the stars, and even playing with fire even though my mom told me not to. (Mom if you are reading this, sorry about that)

As long as I can remember I have been in and out of tents and campgrounds like a second home. All that time has led to real-life experience and knowledge that most people just don’t have.

Fast forward to high school. Ashley and I met and fell in love like it was natural. Not only with each other but with our mutual love for Mother Earth and the outdoors.

Our adventures together have taken us around the world and back again, and I’m not talking about Paris. Our adventures always focus on getting outside climbing and hiking all day, s’mores around a campfire, and a night under the stars.

We don’t just love the outdoors, we eat, sleep, and breathe it.

All that brings us here and now. Ashley and I started Know Nothing Nomads after seeing how much false information was out there about camping, hiking, and climbing. We decided that we couldn’t sit on the sidelines knowing that people were being misinformed and misdirected instead of being shown the proper way of doing things outdoors.

So, that’s what we do here. We share our knowledge, experience, passions, and adventures with readers like you. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.





  • Grew up exploring the great outdoors from a young age, living and traveling in an RV. This unique upbringing instilled a deep-rooted passion and extensive knowledge in hiking, camping, backpacking, and climbing, offering authentic insights and advice based on personal experience.
  • Alongside my partner Ashley, I have embarked on numerous outdoor adventures across different continents, gaining first-hand experience in a variety of environments. This diverse exposure enhances my authority in offering practical, tested advice for outdoor activities in various settings.
  • Holds certifications in NOLS Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED, complemented by a thorough understanding gained from real-life outdoor experiences. This combination of formal training and practical knowledge ensures readers receive expert guidance rooted in safety and expertise.
  • Motivated by a desire to correct misinformation in the outdoor field, I co-founded Know Nothing Nomads. Our mission is to provide trustworthy, well-researched content, reflecting our commitment to authenticity and accuracy in the outdoor community.
  • Actively involved in the outdoor community through Know Nothing Nomads, responding to reader inquiries and sharing personalized tips. This engagement demonstrates not only my expertise and authority in the field but also a dedication to nurturing a community based on trust and shared passion for the outdoors.


Derek Vitiello, co-founder of Know Nothing Nomads and an avid outdoor enthusiast, brings a genuine depth of expertise to the field of outdoor adventure and equipment. His unique approach is rooted in a lifetime of firsthand experiences, having grown up exploring nature while living and traveling in an RV with his family. This upbringing instilled in him not only a passion for the outdoors but also a profound understanding of what makes for practical and reliable gear in real-world settings.

Derek’s expertise is further enriched by his extensive travels with his partner, Ashley. Together, they have traversed various landscapes around the globe, from rugged mountains to serene forests, gathering invaluable insights into diverse outdoor environments. This global experience enables Derek to offer a wide-ranging perspective on outdoor gear and techniques, making his advice and reviews relatable to a broad audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

In his writing, Derek doesn’t just share knowledge; he shares stories and lessons learned from a life spent under the stars. His engaging narrative style connects deeply with his readers, who see him not just as an expert, but as a fellow adventurer and reliable guide. His contributions to Know Nothing Nomads are not only informative but also inspiring, encouraging readers to explore and respect the natural world.

Looking forward, Derek aims to grow Know Nothing Nomads into a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, continuing to share his passion and knowledge. His journey is a testament to a life dedicated to exploring and understanding the great outdoors, making him a respected and authoritative voice in the world of outdoor adventure journalism.

Lifelong Outdoor Education

Derek’s education is a rich tapestry of real-world experiences, far surpassing the confines of a traditional classroom. Raised in an RV, his early life was a continuous outdoor adventure, providing him with unparalleled hands-on knowledge in camping, hiking, backpacking, and climbing. This unique upbringing in diverse natural environments fostered not just skills, but a deep respect for nature and an intuitive understanding of outdoor survival and ecology.

Formal Training and Continuous Learning

Complementing his experiential wisdom, Derek holds certifications in NOLS Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED, showcasing his commitment to safety and preparedness in wilderness settings. His approach to education is dynamic and ongoing, continuously enhancing his knowledge with the latest outdoor trends and techniques. Through Know Nothing Nomads, he transforms his rich experiences and learning into valuable insights, educating and inspiring a community of outdoor enthusiasts.

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