Ashley Vitiello – Editor in Chief

As a seasoned expert with an old soul, I am deeply rooted in all things nature. My heart sings in the presence of beautiful landscapes and scenic snacking under the warm sun is a slice of heaven.

My extensive experience comes from hundreds of miles of trails, campsites that turn into homes, and rock faces that challenge me mentally and physically.

These activities are more than hobbies; they are the essence of my being.

At Know Nothing Nomads, I am a trailblazer, committed to demystifying the world of outdoor activities for all.

My writing is not just a collection of words but a culmination of in-depth guides, straightforward how-to’s, and honest product reviews. All of which are crafted from a wealth of personal adventures and profound lessons learned in the embrace of wilderness.

I hope my experiences and articles can help make the outdoors feel more approachable. That way we can all have the confidence and knowledge to get outside and spend time where we belong: in the great outdoors.





  • I’ve been spending time outside for as long as I can remember! My lifelong experiences help me craft all the content you see here on Know Nothing Nomads.
  • I’ve hiked countless miles throughout the years. In 2024, I’m making it even more official by participating in the 52 Hike Challenge.
  • I love participating in Girls Who Hike and Women Who Hike meetups.
  • My knowledge and articles have been featured on Maps Over Coffee, Go Backpacking, and more!
  • I’m CPR/AED certified and NOLS Wilderness First Aid certified.


I grew up in North Texas but spent my summers at a cabin in Ontario, Canada. There wasn’t much to do inside, so we went on adventure after adventure!

Whether it was hiking, jumping off a waterfall, swimming in the Great Lakes, exploring a cave, or rolling down some sand dunes, we were up for pretty much anything.

Combine that with family vacations abroad and you have a young adventurer with a full heart.

Derek and I met in 2011, and we’ve been inseparable ever since! We got engaged in 2017 at the top of Copper Mountain and married in 2019 at the stunning Maroon Bells Amphitheater.

After college, we took a family trip to Crested Butte and I immediately fell in love with the mountains. We vowed to move there one day, and a few years later we did it!

Since then, my focus has been hiking as much as possible. I hiked hundreds of miles while we lived in Breckenridge, Colorado, and now I continue my passion in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

Our weekends are full of dirt trails, campfires, and maybe even a send or two at our local crag.

My role in Know Nothing Nomads is to bring the content to life through easy-to-follow how-to’s, knowledgeable guides, honest product reviews, and anything else that helps you get outdoors.

All this is based on my real-life experience and what I’ve learned my entire life. When I’m not at the computer writing, you can find me exploring and adventuring with Derek.

Formal Training and Continuous Learning

I am CPR/AED certified and NOLS Wilderness First Aid certified. I hold these certifications so that we can know how to stay safe and prepared on all our adventures. (P.S. – if you spend time outdoors, we highly recommend getting Wilderness First Aid Certified).

Constant work on the website and time spent outdoors has led to a diverse knowledge that is continually improving and growing. I learn through experience, and our lessons become the articles you read here on Know Nothing Nomads.

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