Aspen Alley – A Must-Do Fall Hike in Breckenridge

Aspen Alley is a must-do fall hike near Breckenridge and Boreas Pass, and is a personal favorite of ours for when those aspens turn bright yellow. This trail is mostly lightly trafficked, but can be quite busy during leaf-peeping season and on weekends. It’s also a really popular mountain biking trail, so take caution and be aware of your surroundings. 

There are two starting point options for this hike, so it’s your choice if you prefer to go uphill first or downhill first. This hike is only rated as “moderate” because it is a series of switchbacks that climb the hillside. Compared to other moderate and difficult hikes in the area, we would say this is on the easier side. Plus, because it’s out and back, you can turn around at any point, making this hike shorter and easy. This trail is a great option for people who want to see amazing fall color displays without having to work super hard to get there. 

Trail Stats

  • Distance: 2.6 miles roundtrip
  • Route Type: out and back
  • Difficulty: moderately easy
  • Time of Year: late June- early October
  • Peak Fall: approx. Sept. 18-20
  • Features: aspen forest, mining history

Hiking Aspen Alley

Since we prefer starting at the western terminus at the Breckenridge Sawmill Museum, this review will be based on our experience going uphill first. There’s a clearly marked trailhead and from there the incline begins almost right away. The hike is short and simple, so there’s not much to say about it. You’ll wind your way through endless golden aspens while following switchbacks uphill. There’s a couple of viewpoints where you can peak through the trees to see the mountains across the valley. You’ll also pass remnants of Dewey Mine, which is obvious with the yellow/red stained rock pile and a massive rusted piece of machinery about halfway through your hike. Continue on the trail until you reach the top of the trail, Boreas Pass Road. This is your turnaround point – reverse directions and go back the way you came to return to the Sawmill Museum parking area. 

Getting There

We recommend starting at the western terminus of the trail, which is at the Breckenridge Sawmill Museum. Located just a few minutes outside of Breckenridge, this starting point is closer to town. We also choose this starting point because we prefer to start with the uphill portion of the hike first, that way you know when to turn around instead of getting stuck farther downhill than originally planned. This parking area is smaller than the other terminus, so arrive early. To get there, head east on Boreas Pass Road for about 0.8 miles then take a right directly into the parking area. You’ll see the trailhead clearly marked on a wooden post. 

If you would rather start at the eastern terminus, you’ll follow Boreas Pass Road for 3.5 miles. You’ll see a larger parking area on the left just a short distance after the road goes from paved to dirt. Park here and continue down the dirt road on foot until you see the Aspen Alley sign post on the right. This trailhead begins downhill and starts in pine forest. The aspen will start within the first 1/4 mile from the trailhead. 

If you have someone who wants to shuttle you, you can start at the eastern terminus, walk downhill 1.3 miles, then get picked up at the western terminus so you don’t have to walk back uphill. This isn’t always feasible, but is a great option if you have a designated driver who doesn’t care about hiking or isn’t able to hike. 

The Verdict

Aspen Alley is easily one of the best fall hikes near Breckenridge and is one of our favorites that we do every year. It’s not too difficult, centrally located, and offers picture perfect aspens that peak towards the end of September. Timing is everything when it comes to leaf peeping in Breckenridge, but if you time it right, Aspen Alley is a fantastic option. 

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