11 Reasons Why You Should Join an All Women Hiking Group

Updated Jun 29, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to join an all-female hiking group, know that it’s one of the best things you could do for yourself as a woman! There’s so many benefits and you’ll meet amazing people. Continue reading to learn more!

why you should join an all women hiking group

In an era where connections, self-empowerment, and health consciousness have never been more important, the allure of nature’s trails and mountains beckons more persistently than ever. And what better way to answer this call than in the company of like-minded women, each with her own story, yet all unified by a shared love for the great outdoors?

Welcome to the world of all-women hiking groups: an exciting venture that has grown exponentially in popularity over recent years, and for good reason. This isn’t just about fitness and scenery; it’s about forging powerful bonds, finding strength in unity, and growing together – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

But why exactly should you consider joining such a group? What makes these all-women hiking communities a compelling choice for outdoor enthusiasts? Let’s explore the multitude of reasons and benefits that make joining an all-women hiking group not just a compelling prospect, but an empowering and enriching adventure of a lifetime.

11 Benefits of Joining an All-Female Hiking Group

1. Empowerment

Being in a group of like-minded women who share a common interest can foster a sense of empowerment. The energy in this type of environment can be conducive for participants to push their limits and realize their full potential. Use this to re-discover yourself and take the positive energy into other aspects of your life.

2. Safety

Safety can be a concern when hiking alone, but in a group, members can look out for each other and provide support in case of emergencies or unexpected situations. In an all-women group, there might be more understanding of specific concerns women might have about personal safety, plus hiking in numbers could deter undesirable wildlife from approaching you.

3. Encouragement to Stay Active

Having a regular schedule with a group can provide the incentive to regularly get active and keep up with your exercise goals, and the accountability often encourages members to remain consistent with their physical activities. A lot of hiking groups will have strict no-show policies, so once you’re committed to an event you’re less likely to drop out at the last second than if you were hiking by yourself or with a significant other.

4. Camaraderie

As a group navigates trails and climbs peaks, there will be shared moments of triumph, beauty, and sometimes struggle. These shared experiences can foster deep bonds and a unique sense of camaraderie among group members. Women may share stories, inspire each other, and help each other through challenging parts of the hike.

Shared experiences can also create unforgettable memories that form a lasting bond. Moreover, the mutual encouragement and cooperation developed on the trail often translate into strong friendships that extend beyond the hiking group and into daily life.

Camaraderie is fostered not just by shared successes and challenges, but also by a shared understanding of what it means to be a woman embracing the outdoors and creating her own adventures. This connection and unity can significantly enrich the overall hiking experience and make it more fulfilling.

5. Understanding & Empathy

An all-women hiking group can provide a nurturing environment where women feel understood and supported. There may be common experiences, challenges, or perspectives that women can relate to more directly with each other. For example, discussing the joys and trials of motherhood, the pressures of balancing a career and personal life, or even the nuances of female health and fitness.

In the context of hiking, women may also have specific considerations such as safety concerns or gear preferences, and being in an all-women group can offer a more understanding space to address these topics. Additionally, women might experience certain outdoor situations differently due to social or physical reasons, and an all-women group can provide an empathetic platform to discuss and manage these.

These deep levels of understanding and empathy can be empowering and comforting. They foster a sense of belonging and can make the hiking experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. Sharing stories, giving and receiving advice, or simply lending a sympathetic ear can create a bond that is both supportive and strengthening.

6. Role Models & Mentoring

These groups often comprise a mix of women with varying degrees of hiking experience and life experience. More seasoned hikers serve as role models to newcomers, demonstrating that it’s possible to tackle challenging trails and build endurance over time. In addition, these veteran hikers can mentor less experienced members, helping them to improve their hiking skills and confidence.

This mentorship isn’t just about hiking skills; it often extends to life lessons and personal development. Such role modeling and mentoring can be truly inspiring and beneficial, particularly in an all-women setting where there may be fewer barriers to communication and more relatability.

7. Mental Health

Nature has long been recognized as a healing force, with research showing that outdoor activities can reduce stress and anxiety, enhance mood, and boost overall mental health. Joining an all-women hiking group allows us to regularly escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse ourselves in the tranquility of nature.

The supportive group setting provides a safe space to open up about personal struggles, seek advice, or simply enjoy the quiet understanding of those who share similar experiences. The physical exercise combined with the therapeutic effect of nature and the supportive group dynamics can serve as a powerful coping mechanism for personal challenges.

8. Learn New Skills

Group members can learn from each other’s experiences and skill sets. Some members might be experts in navigation and orienteering, while others might know how to identify local flora and fauna or have wilderness first aid knowledge.

Members might even learn less directly hiking-related skills, such as cooking over a campfire or how to take stunning landscape photographs. The sharing of knowledge and skills is an ongoing process in such groups, and everyone, regardless of their hiking proficiency, can bring something valuable to the table.

9. Networking

Hiking groups naturally attract individuals from various walks of life, each with her unique background, profession, and set of experiences. This diversity can turn the group into a rich networking platform. Casual conversations on the trail can lead to valuable professional connections, potential collaborations, or new friendships. Additionally, these interactions promote mutual respect and understanding, contributing to broader social and cultural awareness.

10. Tailored Trips

One of the perks of all-women hiking groups is that trips can be tailored to the group’s collective preferences. The pace of hiking can be adjusted to ensure everyone’s comfort, and routes can be selected based on the group’s skill level. Moreover, rest stops, meal plans, and camping spots can be planned with women-specific considerations in mind. This level of customization enhances the overall hiking experience and ensures that everyone feels included and comfortable.

11. Carpooling

Most of the time you will meet directly at the trailhead, but depending on your intended location you may choose to carpool. For example, bagging 14ers in Colorado may require some driving, and it’s easier when you can share a vehicle with someone else. It is environmentally friendly, helps save money on gas, and helps build relationships before you even get to the trailhead. Plus, carpooling allows members to share the driving responsibilities, making the journey less taxing and more enjoyable.

How to Find an All-Women Hiking Group

I’ve found most success looking at group Facebook pages, although Google search results could also provide some great suggestions for your area. Search for terms like “Women Who Hike [your town or state]” and “Girls Who Hike [your town or state]”. Both of these organizations have local chapters throughout the United States and there’s likely to be one in your area. Even if the chapter isn’t in your town specifically, joining one for your state or region will still probably result in finding others located near you.

Final Thoughts

Joining an all-women hiking group can be a rewarding experience for many reasons. The benefits are both physical and mental, fostering personal growth, resilience, and a sense of community. It’s a unique opportunity to combine the love for adventure with a supportive, empowering environment.

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