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Just a good ol’ Texas Boy, born and raised. Spent a lot of my young life travelling in an RV and camping, while being home schooled in my younger years. I’d like to think that I had the optimal life growing up: parents that loved camping, fishing, hunting, and of course, travelling.

During high school I developed a love of web design and got pretty good at it, or at least I think so. So when I graduated I decided that I was going to pursue a degree at a local community college, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. Shortly after leaving college I moved up to Denton to be close to Ashley and just started working as a used car salesman. After a few years of that I decided that I needed a change. Which brings us to where we are now, Breckenridge, Colorado

There’s quite a few things that I am excited to explore more like doing a thru-hike, running a marathon, and climbing a mountain (Denali?), just to name a few. As for now, I am in love with my wife, fly fishing, camping, hiking, and woodworking. I know that I have a long way to go and dreams, goals, and aspirations take time, but that’s why we are here right?


I grew up in Texas and had amazing experiences at home as well as abroad. I traveled with my family and we loved going on vacation. We were those kind of people that needed a vacation from our vacation because we would squeeze in as much as possible into every trip, see as much as we could, and experience however much we could fit in. I’ve always had the travel bug and have a long to-do list for all the places I want to visit and adventures I want to experience. I followed the classic steps of high school, college, steady job, but found I wasn’t happy working in an office. I try to work places that keep me active and social, jobs that pay the bills so I can pursue my real passions: nature and the outdoors. I love gardening (indoors and outdoors), hiking and snowshoeing, birding, and exploring places near and far. We are very lucky that we both share some of these passions so that we can travel, explore, and experience this beautiful life together.

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Hey There! Nice of you to stop by and we are so happy you happened upon our little blog. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to know what we ate for lunch today, you will find a contact form below to get in touch with us.

Keep in mind that we are still working full-time jobs at the moment or we maybe out on another adventure without access to Email. So, if we don’t get back to you immediately please be patient and we will respond as possible!

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