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We are Derek and Ashley Vitiello of Know Nothing Nomads. Whether it is hiking, camping, fishing, or just generally being outside, we love it. Our purpose here is to share our passions with you in an approachable way, in hopes that you will be inspired to pursue your dreams in the same way that we have. We are so happy that you have found our little blog and hope that you stick around a while. Feel free to contact us with any questions or get in touch with us on social media!

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Derek and Ashley

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Where We Started

It began with a conversation we had together at the end of 2017. We both worked steady jobs, lived in a great apartment in downtown Denton, TX, and had a comfortable amount of savings we had accumulated. But we found that this dull routine of work, gym, dinner, bed, and repeat had lost its shine. This "normal" life was everything we were supposed to want and everything that we had worked hard for, so why were we unhappy? We craved adventure, being outdoors, and living a life full of excitement and wonder; but that's not what we had. One day in the midst of our "quarter life crises" (we had both just turned 25), we were questioning everything we were doing and why we were doing it. We had to ask ourselves what we wanted. Did we want to continue on this path we were on, buy a house, have a family, work our boring jobs and continue to exist in this culturally normal life we were supposed to want? After talking for hours on end, we decided that wasn't what we wanted. We wanted to travel, see the world and do all those amazing things that you hear about but have never done before. We just didn't know where to begin.

The Mission

We want to share with you our experiences, our triumphs and tribulations, and our adventures so that you may be inspired to try new things and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We hope you’ll see that anyone has the potential to live the life they crave, even if it sounds impossible at first. We may not know everything, but we’ve learned along the way; perhaps our wisdom through experience can help you on your own adventure. We’re not experts in any field by any means, but we are experienced learners with perseverance and passion, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Our Story Together

We met in Photojournalism during our junior year of high school way back in 2009 and started dating in 2010; we’ve been inseparable ever since! We got engaged at the top of Copper Mountain in Colorado in 2017. In July of 2019, we got married at the beautiful Maroon Bells Amphitheater in Aspen, Colorado. We love adventuring together and we try to enjoy every moment we spend together and each day that passes.